Ursa 2021, 53pp.

Age group: 5+ years

Full English pdf

I’ll Become a Researcher

by Tero Mielonen, illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu

Anyone can become a researcher!

  • Have you ever wondered which children will grow up to be scientists? It’s kids like you!

South American Kat used to examine the starry skies with her father and now her job is to search for new planets. Marjane loved hunting for treasures, and she became an archeologist who solves the mysteries of ancient cultures. Eduardo loved playing video games. He did not become a professional gamer, but now he creates climate models and ponders what our world will be like in a hundred years. All kinds of people do science, and anyone can become a scientist! 


I’ll Become a Researcher tells you the basics of every discipline with accuracy and precision. Even If a preschooler will not understand all words, the excellent illustrations can help bring the research equipment and objects of investigation to life.  The presentation was also approved by my 12-year-old son, who is a little older than the target group. The cartoon in the end of the book gets a special commendation. Clear demonstration, I liked it!

– Elina Lindfors, Tähdet ja Avaruus -magazine, Finland


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Ursa (orig.)

BULGARIA: Enthusiast
LATVIA: Latvijas Mediji

WSOY January 2022, 61 pp.

Age group: 7+ years

Full English pdf

What is a Robot?

by Laura Ertimo, illustrated by Aapo Ravantti

Robots are all around us and we don’t even notice! 

    • Laura Ertimo’s Children’s non-fiction titles have sold to 18 countries
    • Pre-publication rights already sold to Estonia!

Friends Ro and Bot take a look at where one might bump into robots both now and in the future in this entertaining illustrated book. What do robots and humans have in common, and how do they differ?  Do robots think, can they have a crush on someone or even get mad? 

Everything becomes clear in this amazing book by award-winning, bestselling children’s non-fiction author Laura Ertimo. 

Laura Ertimo knows how to sum up difficult things appropriately in the blink of an eye. Her works can provide information and joy to a wide range of readers, and they also attract people of all ages to delve deeper into the book and consider difficult issues together. Laura Ertimo’s books open paths to important and current topics.
-The Tietopöllö award jury on Laura Ertimo



Rights sold:



Fun Academy 2022


Age group: 5+ years

English texts
English synopses

Fun Academy 1:
The Kip Crew Book Series

Created by Fun Academy

Who knew learning could be so much fun!

  • Brand new children’s non-fiction series created by Fun Academy, an official member of Education Finland.
  • Technology, cyber security, health, and social skills for 5+-year-olds

This fun series introduces four fun Kip Crew characters: Maco, Soca, Tuka and Waaba, who enjoy their adventures in space. However, you don’t immediately spot the elements of technology education with Maco, cyber security with Soca, healthy habits with Tuka and social skills with Waaba.

The authorship of the Fun Learning program is true teamwork. The team is led by Fun Academy, and textbook publishing veteran Sanna Lukander. The group includes illustrators, graphic designers, children’s writers, Finnish teachers, and topic experts who create these fun adventures and stories. The stories have a focus group panel of children who have their important say on everything concerning the Kip Crew! The characters have been designed in cooperation with children in Finland and Spain

The Kip Crew Series:

Book 1 – The Kip Crew: Maco’s Spaceship
Maco is working on some amazing new inventions to make his spaceship more efficient and fun. Smeek has plans of her own.

Book 2 – Soca Solves the Secret Code
Soca has found a new language he is trying to learn to solve the mystery of Smeek the Lizard.

Book 3 – Tuka’s Space Olympics
Tuka organizes a sports event where many things go wrong! Smeek is participating in a new sport…

Book 4 – Waaba the Peace Maker
Waaba can’t wait to visit the beautiful planet Kipinoi again. She needs to solve some conflicts between other crew members before they can land. Smeek is back making some trouble.

The Kip Crew has 2 more fun learning book series:  The Kip Crew Adventures and The Kip Crew Wants to Know More! Read more here. 


Rights sold:

CHINA: PPW Licensing





World Rights handled by Elina Ahlback Literary Agency

Fun Learning website:

Into, October 2021, 48 pp.

Age group: 6+ years

English sample and synopsis

Where Did the Animals Go?
Travelling Through Time with Lotta and Kasper

by Laura Ertimo, illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu

How has humanity survived this long? How can we, and other species, survive in the future?
A much-needed book that helps make sense of the biodiversity crisis!

  • Tieto-Lauri Prize Winner 2022 – Best Finnish Non-Fiction Children’s Title!
  • Nominated for the Finlandia Award in 2021!
  • Sequel to Weird Weather, sold to 17 countries!

Lotta and Kasper keep seeing new worrisome news: dying bees, endangered animals, plastic in the Mariana Trench and on the glaciers of Antarctica, rivers polluted by mines, forest fires… The children realize that even if the problems of climate change were solved, Mother Nature would still be in trouble! Climate change is only one part of an escalating environmental crisis. How will we survive?

Fossil gremlin, now retired, suggests that Lotta and Kasper set out on a grand journey through time in search of threads that may connect the past to the present and provide solutions for the future. With the gremlin as their guide, the children find clues about the great changes that life has undergone in the past and how life has continued after major catastrophes. Throughout their journey, they come to see the roots of the current situation, understand why solving it is so tricky, and learn how the human species has overcome previous crises for continued survival.


The journey into the enigma of the loss of biodiversity flows smoothly through the playful arrangement of imagery and writing. The text meanders from the smallest of small to the greatest of matters, satisfying the thirst for knowledge of all age groups. The expressive illustrations walk alongside the text, at times excitedly getting carried away into an independent cartoon adventure where future, present and history unite. The entity is a vivacious cornucopia that induces the reader to do research, to come back to the book, and to take action.
– Finlandia Award Jury


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Into Kustannus (orig.)

GERMANY: Cross Cult
HUNGARY: Tessloff Babilon

Into 2019,  48 pp.

Age group: 6+ years

English edition

Weird Weather

by Laura Ertimo, illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu

This book answers children’s tough questions about climate change, and explains how we can all fight against it.

  • Rights sold to 17 territories!

Two clever buddies, Lotta and Kasper get tired of their parents’ evasive answers about weird weather. They decide to research what climate change is really about. Weird Weather! is an accurate but hopeful children’s nonfiction title that explains how humans are responsible for climate change and what we can do to ensure a brighter future. It also gives tips on how everyone can make better choices and practice climate-positive skills every day.

But climate change won’t be beaten with tiny tricks, and that’s why this book also encourages talking to children about how to make societal changes, and how working together can change everything.  


I’m so excited to add WEIRD WEATHER to Sky Pony’s list! This important book delivers information about climate change to children in a way that’s both easily digestible and entertaining. Hopefully children and parents alike will get a better sense of the world around them – and what they can do for it – after this read!
– Nicole Frail, Senior Editor, Skyhorse Publishing/Sky Pony Press, United States.


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Into Kustannus (orig.)

DENMARK: Staarup & Co.
GERMANY: Cross Cult
HUNGARY: Ciceró Könyvstúdió
ITALY: Mondadori/Edizioni Piemme
LATVIA: Jumava
MEXICO: (Latin American Spanish rights): Ordinal Books
NORWAY: Aschehoug
SERBIA: Odiseja
SPAIN: Astronave
SWEDEN: Rabén & Sjögren
TURKEY: Kolektif
UNITED STATES (North America): Skyhorse Publishing/Sky Pony Press

Minerva, 2020, 20 pp.

Karisto 2021, 20 pp.

Karisto 2022, 20 pp.

 Age group: 2+ years

#1 – Full English PDF
#2 – Full English PDF
#3 – English synopsis

Mini Science Series

by Laura Ertimo, illustrated by Sanna Pelliccioni

Science series for the smallest in the family

Mini Science is a nonfiction series for the smallest in the family. The series will tackle big science questions with lovely illustrations, and encourages kids to wonder and ask questions. It feeds curiosity and is designed to start conversations about different topics that children might not think about on their own.


In the third title of the Mini Science series – THE TRAVELLING PLANTS – our adventurer Plop ponders a tricky question: if rooted to the ground, how can one travel? Plants are the foundation of the Earth’s living network. But they are not here just for animals and humans – plants have their own mysterious life, which in the end is not so different from ours. They grow, reproduce and send off their offspring, and indeed, even travel around the world.

THE TRAVELLING PLANTS shows how all of us are interconnected and need each other throughout life.


 Other titles in the series:


In WHERE ARE YOU? we follow Plop, a little creature who guides us through space to the Earth and from there to the human DNA and finally to the world of atoms. Zooming in all the way from the enormities of space to the minisculness of atoms, we learn a great deal in between.


In the second title of Mini Science series – INVISIBLE WORLD – the adorable character Plop will discover the things one cannot see. Electricity, garden in the fog, darkness, micro-organisms and other well-hidden things. When Plop will get sick, he will learn about bacteria and viruses and how to avoid them. Vaccinations can seem scary, but they keep us healthy!

Sometimes it’s better to stay home, even if this makes you bored, so that soon you could go discovering the Dark Side of The Moon!


The book is suitably short and simple even for small children. I would imagine that the book will also arouse the imagination of older children and lead to interesting discussions. So be prepared to discuss difficult questions with your child!
– Lapsen Nimi portal, Finland for MINI SCIENCE #1 WHERE ARE YOU


Rights sold:

#1 Minerva (orig.)
#2-3 Karisto (orig.)

GREECE: Klidarithmos
TURKEY: Yapi Kredi Publishing

Kustantamo S&S April 2020, 64 pp.

Age group: 5+


English sample, 
Finnish edition

The Enchanted Planet Earth

by Laura Ertimo, illustrated by Satu Kontinen

10 magical stories told through 10 maps — the kind of maps you’ve never seen before!

  •  Published in 5 countries!

There is a planet where plants plan world domination. Where beasts are good, and trees live for thousands of years, collecting memories in their bark. This enchanted place is Earth.

The Enchanted Planet Earth is a non-fiction book for both children and adults alike. It explores our own planet through 10 stories and 10 maps, mixing fairy tales and fact in a magical, almost mystical way. The stories provide a context where adults and kids can discuss environmental issues and changes on our planet, while the maps encourage the reader to study the world with eyes of enchantment and wonder. In this unique atlas, no story is complete without a map, but all maps are stories as such.



”The basic idea of this non-fiction book is familiar as such: it presents life on Earth, its history and some of the threats it’s facing.

The text is interesting and runs smoothly, but the illustrations give the book surprising, original and even lyrical tones. For example, ”A Map of What Hides in Deep Waters” tingles one’s imagination with its facts presented as if they were poetry. This gorgeous ensemle brings illustration and text together in a way that makes it pointless to categorise it for any particular age group.”

– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Kustantamo S&S (orig.)

POLAND: Eurograf


Otava,  April 2022, 32 pp.

Age group: 3+ years

Reading material: English text available in May 2022

Itty Bitty Princess and the Truth About Babies

by Hannele Lampela, illustrated by Ninka Reittu

Why on earth would parents want a baby that poops a lot and wakes them up in the middle of the night? 

    • Itty Bitty Princess is the loveliest, naughtiest, and kindest girl in the world
    • The newest standalone title in the bestselling and award-winning Itty Bitty Princess series. Itty Bitty Princess series titles have been nominated for 
      • the Arvid Lydecken Prize in 2017 and 2019
      • Runeberg Junior in 2020
      • The White Ravens for 2017
      • Storytel book award 2020
      • Kaarina Helakisa -palkinto 2019 – which it won!

Where do annoying little siblings come from? Itty-Bitty Princess figures out the icky truth about babies in her own bold manner. 

Of course, Itty-Bitty Princess knows that babies grow in mothers’ tummies. But how did they end up there? And how do they get out? And most importantly: why on earth would parents want a baby that poops a lot and wakes them up in the middle of the night?
This charming picture book by Hannele Lampela, illustrated by Ninka Reittu, provides answers to children’s puzzling questions about babies but also touches on the emotions that big sisters and brothers go through, when they hear a baby is about to arrive.


Hannele Lampela’s storytelling is hilariously fun, and the author cultivates deliciously naughty words guaranteed to provide joy when read aloud in the evening before bedtime.
– Maaseudun Tulevaisuus Newspaper, Finland about Itty Bitty Princess and Crying Injustice




Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

DENMARK: Turbine
ESTONIA: Kirjastus Elust Enesest
WORLD SPANISH: Planeta Junior

Tammi, 2015-2022, 48 pp.

Age group: 2+ years

Reading material:
English PDFs

Little Mouse Series

by Riikka Jäntti

Adorable bestselling picture book series about a little mouse and its everyday adventures. There is a book for every occasion!

  • Rights for the series sold in 18 territories!

NEW: Book 8: Little Mouse and the Birthday Present

At last, DING DONG! Little Mouse opens the front door for the birthday guests. Little Mouse receives delightful presents from his friends and then it is time to feast: the birthday cake and other desserts are to everyone’s taste. Games and quizzes are also a part of Little Mouse’s birthday. The next morning Little Mouse gets a present from his mother, butt ends up causing a surprising amount of trouble, especially to Mom!

Book 1: Little Mouse

A day in the life of a toddler is a busy one and Little Mouse’s is no exception. Between getting dressed, going to daycare, eating dinner, and splashing in puddles, Little Mouse has a lot to do … and a lot to say ‘no’ to! 

 Book 2: Little Mouse Helps Out
Little Mouse’s friend Pip is coming over to visit. But first, there are chores to do around the house, like cleaning, laundry and cooking lunch. Little Mouse is determined to help Mommy Mouse with all of them.

 Book 3: Little Mouse’s Christmas
Christmas is coming and Little Mouse can’t wait for Christmas Eve. Luckily there are all kinds of wonderful preparations to be made, from cooking to choosing the Christmas tree.

 Book 4: Little Mouse’s Holiday
Little Mouse and Mommy Mouse take the train together to the countryside to stay at their cottage on an island, pick berries, heat the sauna, and cook sausages over a campfire under the starry skies. It’s a real treat for a little city mouse!

Book 5: Little Mouse’s Winter
Winter is here and Little Mouse enjoys playing outside. But his fun is interrupted by piano lessons. And why do all the other kids have phones and lots of collectible toy figures? Luckily Mom has lots of fun activities that will make him happy again.

 Book 6: Little Mouse’s Summer
Summer holidays are full of fun: going to the amusement park, playing by the beach and visiting the art museum. Buying strawberries and ice cream, and going to the cinema when the weather is too hot. Little Mouse knows that one must enjoy the summer, because it doesn’t last forever.

Book 7: Little Mouse’s Goes Camping
One beautiful summer’s day, Little Mouse’s goes camping with mom. Little Mouse helps mother set up the tent, light the grill and prepare sausages and vegetables wrapped in foil. When it gets dark, Little Mouse listens to the sounds of the night in the tent.  In the morning, they are both very hungry but luckily the island’s restaurant is open!

English readers will see something of Beatrix Potter’s poetry and precision in the Helsinki-based illustrator and author’s retro ink and watercolor illustrations. Pitched at children aged up to four, Little Mouse will also delight parents, taking them back to when every day was an adventure.
– William Yeoman, The Weekend West




Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

AUSTRALIA: Scribble/Scribe
CHINA: Beijing Yuntu Tech
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FRANCE: Cambourakis
GERMANY: Cross Cult
ITALY: Sinnos
NEPAL: Kathalaya
NEW ZEALAND: Scribble/Scribe
PORTUGAL: Harper Collins Iberica
ROMANIA: Editura Paralela 45
RUSSIA: Strecoza
SPAIN (Spanish): Harper Collins Iberica
SPAIN (Catalan): Harper Collins Iberica
UK: Scribble/Scribe

Tammi 2017, 42 pp.

Tammi 2019, 42 pp.

Tammi, 2021, 42 pp.

Age group: 2-6 years

English pdfs

Princess Rascal series

by Elina Hirvonen, illustrated by Mervi Lindman

Princess Rascal is a spirited and resourceful little girl, like a little sister of Pippi Longstocking!

  • Picture book series praised for its realism depicting life with children!

The topics of the clever and fun books of the Princess Rascal series arise from the day-to-day challenges of families with children. Busy days can be filled with snappy talk and misunderstandings. But on the other hand, there’s always lots of new ideas, warmth and practical magic around!

NEW!  #3  Princess Rascal and the Quarrel Spell
Which spell is the best when it seems that the parents do not have enough time for themselves? Resourceful Princess Rascal has a solution to every problem!

When Mom looks like a red-eyed panda and Dad like an angry troll, and they snap at each other without any reason, it’s time for some Rascal spells and Onni’s insights. The solution is the world’s finest KISSING BOOTH.
“You have to go in there to kiss. Then you will love again. And never quarrel again. And we don’t have to move to Flower’s.”

 #1  Princess Rascal
You would think that Rascal is just a little girl, but she’s also a princess with many crowns for different purposes: one for Important Thoughts, one for Great Adventures and one for Peaceful Dreams. When Mom gets mad at her, she must find the right crown to calm Mom down.

Princess Rascal is a picture book about a little girl who knows her mind and has a heart of gold, though sometimes it’s difficult to know the right thing to do. The book has been praised for its accurate and hilarious depictions of everyday life in a toddler family – sometimes parents get tired too. 

#2  Princess Rascal and the Potty Words
Princess Rascal starts pre-school. She’s nervous about her new mates and the new teacher. She is especially nervous about going to the toilet. When she uses potty words in a completely wrong situation, she’s sure that she is the most embarrassed girl in the world. But a solution for the problem can be found in her secret treasure chest.


Everybody quarrels once in a while, no need to be scared of it. The difficult topic of the book never becomes too gloomy, because the solution-oriented Princess Rascal takes action. Mervi Lindman’s delicate and colorful illustrations also maintain positivity.
– Turun Sanomat newspaper, Finland on Princess Rascal and the Quarrel Spell




Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

DENMARK: Gads Forlag (books 1&2)
ESTONIA: Elust Enesest (Books 1-3)
LITHUANIA: Nieko Rimto (book 1)







Tammi May 2022, 84pp.

Tammi October 2022

Tammi May 2023

Tammi Fall 2023

Age group: 5+

English synopses

Pet Friends Series

by Riina Kaarla, Sami Kaarla & Anders Vacklin

A story of a young girl experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with pets and new friendships!

  • The long-awaited new series is a prequel to the Pet Agents book series, sold in 7 countries
  • Pet Friends tells the origin story of Kati-e and her Pet Agents agency

The Pet Friends series is the story of a young girl experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with pets and new friendships. Lighthearted, optimistic, and determined, Kati-e confronts new intriguing pet problems and shares these adventures with her newfound best friend, Lisa. She also starts to build a robot for herself. After many unsuccessful attempts, she finally creates the little goofy Ti-bot that can speak with animals.
Every book tells how Kati-e gets one of her pets. With the help of her friends, brilliant and resourceful Kati-e renovates an old roof-top water tank into a new home for her and all her pets. The story is set in a beautiful near-future big city, inspired by Helsinki, New York, and the capitals of Europe.
Pet Friends tells the origin story of Kati-e and her Pet Agents agency. This long-awaited new series is a prequel to the Pet Agents book series, already sold in seven countries. It’s no wonder these fantastic, fully illustrated children’s novels with easy-to-read warm-hearted stories are rapidly gaining popularity! 

Book #1 – Bit and Mode:  (May 2022)
In order to have a pet of her own, a lonely, six-year-old coding wizard and a handy robot builder, Kati-e rescues adorable rat twins from the trash can. She sneaks them home, despite her mother’s allergy, only to discover a mysterious stuffed animal hidden inside of the walls of her room, which used to belong to the coolest girl in the neighborhood. 

Book #2: Mop: (October 2022)
A sunny, resourceful, self-reliant 6-year-old rat owner Kati-e is having the time of her life working as a little helper in a pet store; when it goes out of business, devastated Kati-e sets up her own pet service so she can be around animals in the future, and ends up owning four puppies as a result.

 Book #3: Bean: (May 2023)
Brilliant and resourceful, Kati-e struggles to build a robot that can speak with animals, to find good homes for her four puppies, and is forced to renovate an old roof-top water tank into her new home as one of the puppies wants to stay with her.

 Book #4: Mir:
To solve the mystery of the beekeeper’s lost bees, passionate and unyielding animal helper Kati-e has to break into a space tech lab to build a new shapeshifter robot that can perform a bee dance, all at the same time her astronaut father is leaving Earth.

Fluffy, funny, and adventure-filled, the series takes the reader into a totally different animal world, with a fresh twist on pet care. Packed with excellent storytelling, stunning artwork, interesting characters, and wonderfully clever storylines. 

Get your paw prints on these books now!


Children’s books about animals often train their readers to treat animals with respect. In the Pet Agents series, children interested in pets and other domestic animals also learn about their care and behaviour. The strength of the Pet Agents series lies in (…) its event-rich storytelling and abundant, colourful illustrations. (…) The children in the series are active, energetic and have a wide network of friends.
– Lastenkirjahylly blog, Finland on Pet Agents series




Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

WSOY 2019, 60 pp.

WSOY 2019, 60 pp.

WSOY, 2021, 60 pp.

WSOY, 2022, 60 pp.

Age group:5+

Full English PDFs for books 1-3,
English text for book 4 

The Little Shop of Nightmares Series

by Magdalena Hai, illustrated by Teemu Juhani

Hilarious horror for younger middle-grade! Nine-year-old Nina does not get scared easily, but when she starts her job at the Little Shop of Nightmares she meets a bunch of weird characters – and befriends them!

  • Super success: rights sold in 24 territories!

Nina is a is a clever, 9-year-old girl who goes to work in the Little Shop of Nightmares. During the course of the trilogy, she has to solve a mystery with tickling powder, find the lost teeth of a vampire and discover the reason why suddenly it just doesn’t stop snowing. The Little Shop of Nightmares is a mystery full of fascinating and fun characters that make young readers both wonder and laugh!


NEW: #4  The Crystal Skull

The Little Shop of Nightmares crew finds out that a pirate sailing competition is coming to town! Competing to be the fastest pirate ship are the Ghosts, the Zombies, the Sirens and the Better Pirates – all of whom want the Crystal Skull that has been given to Mr. Kook for safekeeping at the Little Shop of Nightmares.

When the Crystal Skull suddenly goes missing from the shop, little Nina and her friends start their investigation – and the suspects are a-plenty! 

Other titles in the series:

 #1  The Terrible Tickling Powder
When Nina, 9 years old, enters The Little Shop of Nightmares in hopes of getting a job, she is greeted by an odd sight: shopkeeper Mr. Kook is rolling on the floor, unable to stop laughing. With a little help from a ghost called Paddy, they start looking for the untickling powder to help him, but things are certainly not made easier by Mr. Kook’s world-domination-planning pet octopus Squishy McGoo, who is a bit too quick about getting into trouble with rollerblades on its tentacles.

#2  The Mystery of the Missing Teeth

Nina goes to buy ice cream after her first work day at The Little Shop of Nightmares. But at the ice cream shop she discovers a vampire – without teeth! Nina decides to help vampire Lucas to find his teeth from Mr. Kook’s shop. But for some reason all the vampire teeth seem to have disappeared. It seems like somebody has hidden them on purpose…

#3  Sticky the Terrible Snowman

The Little Shop of Nightmares is getting buried in snow! Nina and Paddy are trying to find the cause of the snowstorm, but that’s easier said than done. A well-meaning but horribly clumsy snowman keeps getting in their way and stopping their every effort to stop the snowing inside.


“Enchanting series, well-written, with funny illustrations, stimulates children’s imagination.
A delightful blend of fantasy and humor. The amazing illustrations in each page feature dynamic characters and unexpected goosebumps! – Lindy Galatis, Editorial Director, Dioptra, Greece


Rights sold:


CATALAN: La Galera
DENMARK: Vild Maskine
ESTONIA: Postimees Publishing
GERMANY: Egmont Schneiderbuch
GREECE: Dioptra
HUNGARY: Cerkabella
ITALY: Terre di Mezzo
KOREA: Gilbutschool 
LATVIA: Latvijas Mediji
NETHERLANDS: De Vier Windstreken
NORWAY: Fontini
ROMANIA: Editura Univers
RUSSIA: Kompas Guide
SERBIA: Odiseja

TURKEY: Epsilon

Karisto 2017, 46 pp.

Age group: 5+

Reading material:
Full English pdf 

Grumblebelly Cat

by Magdalena Hai, illustrated by Teemu Juhani

Modern classic fairytale – Rights sold in 9 countries!

  • Export Prize winner
  • Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize nominee
  • Arvid Lydecken Prize nominee
  • Runeberg Junior Prize nominee

In a barren land, when a little girl meets a gigantic cat that threatens to devour her, she makes it a smart offer. The girl leads the cat across the lands, looking for something to satiate its hunger before it eats her, but they encounter drought, destruction, and people who have nothing to eat except their dreams. When the cat gobbles up the girl, she finds something in its belly, something that has made it so hungry…

Grumblebelly Cat is a classic fairytale about a contemporary subject. The detailed, monochrome illustrations by Teemu Juhani add another layer in the story.


Grumblebelly Cat is a classic story, a contemporary message accompanied by magical illustrations that will speak to everyone.
– Eleonora Armaroli, Editor, Terre di Mezzo, Italy


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Karisto (orig.)

DENMARK: Vild Maskine
ESTONIA: Tiritamm
GERMANY: Dressler/Oetinger Verlag
ITALY:  Terre Di Mezzo
POLAND: Widnokrag
SWEDEN: Epix Bokförlag
TURKEY: Dogan Egmont


Tammi, September 2020, 250 pp.

Tammi, September 2021, 171 pp.

Age group: 5+

Reading material:
English  and German samples & synopses for both titles

The Plush Animal League Series

by Elina Hirvonen, illustrated by Nadja Sarell

An exciting space adventure series where plush animals have super powers. For readers of J.K. Rowling’s The Christmas Pig!

  • Elina Hirvonen has received Kalevi Jäntti Prize, and Nuori Aleksis Prize and has been nominated for Finlandia Prize and Debut Prize.
  • Known for her adult fiction and Princess Rascal picture books, P.A.L. series is Elina Hirvonen’s first series for Middle-Grade children

NEW: #2 Charlie and the Wombat Warriors 

Charlie, aged 11, is more interested in hairstyles, fashion, music and skateboarding than focusing on school. Things get difficult when Charlie’s parents divorce and his mother, who has found a new family, leaves Charlie with his dad.
Charlie´s plush monkey Mung Kee, a talented member of the Plush Animal League (P.A.L.), sees his misery and tries to help. But Mung Kee´s attempts are disturbed by the Gang President who is actively looking for a child to join his ranks to work as an undercover agent.

Julia and her plush toy, Agent Buck, come to help and join Mung Kee in his mission to show Charlie the fatal consequences of letting his pain turn into anger.

#1 Julia & P.A.L. 

More than anything else, Julia, 10 years old, wishes that somebody would like her. She can explain the structure of the universe, but has no idea how to talk to her classmates. What she doesn’t know is that she already has her very own best friend – her toy bunny Buck, who in reality is a top-secret agent of the Plush Animal League (P.A.L.).

The P.A.L. headquarters is located in outer space where the agents follow children through their monitor, ready to act immediately when their child needs help. And Julia does! Buck turns Julia’s bed  into a magic flying spacecraft and takes her on a ride through space and time. Buck wants to show Julia that the same things that make her feel out of place among her classmates now, are her unique character strengths that will make her happy and loved in the future. But the P.A.L. has an enemy: Wombat Warriors, an army of forgotten toys. They plot to overtake the Plush Animal League and control children’s actions and wishes. Julia finds out that she is the only one who can stop the evil plan!


The space adventure of Julia and Charlie in the Plush Animal World is on the same wavelength as J. K. Rowling’s The Christmas Pig. Here, too, the plot is pulling and emotional, a child is in mortal danger and the toys come to life. The problems of the real world are real and identifiable and the message brightens towards the end: everyone is valuable just as they are.  Cheerful pictures by Nadja Sarell and witty language and humor bring lightness to the book. 

– Mari Viertola, Turku Sanomat newspaper, Finland on Charlie and the Wombat Warriors


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)


Otava, August 2022

Age group: 8+

Reading material:
English sample & synopsis

Benjamin Bateman – Super Embarrassed Superhero

by Hannele Lampela, illustrated by Pasi Pitkänen

What if your superhero costume looked like a butterfly and your only superpowers would be having a good heart and an imagination? Welcome to the embarrassing life of Benjamin Bateman!

  • First joint title for award-winning and bestselling writer-illustrator super team Hannele Lampela and Pasi Pitkänen

The wholly hilarious and thrilling adventures of a super embarrassing superhero for middle-graders!

Benjamin Bateman is stunned when he finds out that he is part of a family of superheroes. Who would’ve believed that about poor Benjamin?
Benjamin’s superhero costume is quite embarrassing though – a butterfly. And his superpower is even more mortifying – a good heart and imagination! But when Benjamin must battle the terrifying Mortem, a deep imagination will come in handy.
 The story is enriched by the colorful illustrations of Pasi Pitkänen. A movie is being planned based on the title.



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Otava January 2022, 304 pp.

Age group: 10+

English sample and synopsis

The Book of Oboi

by Veera Salmi

In the city where nobody reads – can a book save the World? What about an orphaned boy who doesn’t believe in stories?

  • Veera Salmi is the bestselling author of over 20 titles.

A spectacular novel about a world where literacy has been decimated and a boy who does not believe in stories. Thirteen-year-old Oboi has run away to find his former homestead. He ends up in a peculiar and disaster-stricken city where no one knows how to read. People are led by the mysterious Wanda, who, via devices hooked up to one’s palm, says what everyone should know or do. At a flea market, Oboi meets a woman who gives him a book. According to her, this book can change everything and help find what Oboi thought was lost forever. Suddenly the story-averse Oboi notices he has become the hero, that orphaned boy deemed to save the whole world.  


In Veera Salmi’s youth novel straight out of the oven, literacy is lost and people are controlled by technology – The Book of Oboi praises stories, adventure and dreams.
 – Keskipohjanmaa newspaper, Finland 


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

GERMANY: Cross Cult


Otava, 2019, 140 pp.

Otava, 2020, 140 pp.

Otava, June 2021, 144 pp.

Otava, May 2022, 144pp.

Age group: 8+

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Mabel Merryweather Series

by Noora Kunnas, illustrated by Teemu Juhani

Fast and funny middle grade mystery series by a Finnish children’s book author who loves Roald Dahl and crazy stories!

  • Series sold to 7 territories!

NEW:#4 Mabel Merryweather and the Crowbar Gala 

A bandit gathering at an awards gala causes havoc in town! The fourth title in the cracking detective series for the middle-grade reader.
Nick and Lilly go camping and birdwatching on an island. Visiting Mabel’s inventor-friend Helga turns out to be anything but quiet when Pedro the Rooster vanishes. To boot, the news reports say that a bunch of bandits have escaped from prison.
Soon, they find out that the old factory building on the opposite shore is not being used for filming the newest season of a popular game show, but instead for organizing the Crowbar Gala, in which the most successful bandits are awarded. Without the wits of Nick, Lilly, and the mighty Mabel Merryweather, these goons would just be able to continue their mischief.

#1 Mabel Merryweather and Miniature Pirates

Supergranny, singing rooster, and mischievous mini pirates – the new series begins! 
Nick and Lilly’s visit to their rule-loving, child-hating uncle turns into an adventure as the children get to know their exciting, eccentric neighbor: Mabel Merryweather. Mabel and her friends are preparing for a flower arranging competition, when the town is hit by a jewel thief. Nick, Lilly, and Mabel have their own problems as Mabel’s decorative miniature pirates have come to life and are rummaging through backyards. And what happened to the main judge of the competition – a pop singer Monika who disappeared that same day?  Something must be done to bring peace and order back to the town of Dalton.

 #2 Mabel Merryweather and King of Thieves

The wild gang is back! Nick, Lilly, Supergranny Mabel, and her talking rooster face a new enemy: an art hustler. Second book in a new middle-grade mystery series!
The town of Dalton is celebrating a local children’s poet’s 140th anniversary, and everyone is dressed up as a character from a poem. But amongst the happy people there is also a gentleman thief who has terrorized art museums all spring. Through many mistakes and misunderstandings, Nick and Lilly help the police catch the thief – and teach a lesson to a grumpy literary critic.

#3 Mabel Merryweather and Cheesy Mystery

The streets of Dalton have turned holy like Emmental cheese!
Mabel Merryweather’s friend Bruno and his goats have arrived from Switzerland to perform at the Dalton cheese festival. This fragrant event has attracted a lot of people to the venue, but to the horror of the townspeople, mysterious holes have started to appear on streets and courtyards at night. Who digs them – and why? The rumor spreads that the town is infested by aliens, but Lilly, Nick, and the mighty grandmother Mabel Merryweather don’t believe the gossip. With the help of yodeling goats, they dig up the truth.


As soon as we saw the covers, illustrations, and read reviews, we immediately fell in love with these stories! A detective mystery, magic, dynamic plot, humor, attractive characters, and beautiful illustrations by Teemu Juhani – all this helped us to make the quickest decision about the series.
– Darya Bozhko, Foreign Rights Manager, Children’s Books Department, EKSMO Publishing House, Russia


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

GERMANY: Mixtvision Verlag
ITALY: Terre di Mezzo
NETHERLANDS: Veltman Uitgevers

Tammi 2022


Tammi 2020, 128 pp.

Tammi 2021, 120 pp.

Age group: 7+

Full English texts books 1-3

Anni the Friend Tamer series

by Kaisa Paasto, illustrated by Mari Ahokoivu

Shy people of the world, unite!

  • Rights sold to Germany and Albania

NEW: #3 Anni the Friend Tamer in Salty Waters

Dealing with ghosts – and tricky cousins – is a lot more fun on a sunny island! 

Get ready for some maritime vibes! If you like Vi på Saltkråkan (Seacrow Island) by Astrid Lindgren, this book may well be your new favorite.

Anni and her family spend the summer on a small island with her cousin’s family. Anni didn’t remember her cousin Niko that well, but oh boy, does he turn out to be a pest. Niko keeps telling Anni about a ghost on the island, an old laundry lady who was also named Anni. Anni is not a gullible person, but when evidence piles up, it’s hard not to be a little spooked… On a more fun note, every summer a big treasure hunt is held on the island and Anni is determined to win it!

#1 Anni the Friend Tamer

Anni is a 10-year-old girl. When her friend Miisa moves abroad, Anni has a chilling realization: she has never had to find a new friend. Is it too late to learn how to make friends? Obviously no one can learn a skill this big when they’re 10, can they? At home, Anni has a different sort of problem: her new pet pig is refusing to befriend her. He just wants to stay in his safe place, under the table. Good thing Anni’s brother has just had a major back operation, as this means he has lots of time to lie in bed and dole out great advice. Anni’s parents are alright as far as parents go, even if they laugh a bit too much at their own jokes.

So it’s not all too bad – Anni just needs to become a ‘friend tamer’!

#2 Anni the Friend Tamer on the Red Carpet

In the second part of this series, Anni is inspired to do something good. Her class is shown a news clip about a hurricane in Brazil, and Anni sees a girl in it with a t-shirt exactly like one that Anni has in her closet. She is moved to do something. Anni starts to make a movie with her friend Riia that will be shown in the library auditorium to collect money for charity work in Brazil. But everything doesn’t go as planned – the movie is hijacked by “the pink girls”. Anni’s mom is also having a crisis. It doesn’t look like her mom will be able to make money with her blog and she doesn’t know what else to do with her life. But, if Anni is not short on something, it’s ideas! In the second title of the series, Anni learns that doing good is surprisingly easy – and surprisingly hard. The secret might actually be… teamwork.


Kaisa Paasto manages to carry out the inner emotional world of shy children, but at the same time effortlessly portrays the heroine as likable and self-confident. What immediately convinced us was the sweet little pig, which reflects the development of the protagonist: At first scared, strange, and a bit out of place, in the end an open, lovable friend. What a wonderful story!

– Laura Hänel, Editor, Loewe Verlag, Germany


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

ALBANIA: Muza (books 1-2)
GERMANY: Loewe Verlag (books 1-3)

WSOY, May 2022


WSOY, March 2020, 200 pp.

WSOY, March 2021, 180 pp.

Age group: 9+

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Agnes Series

by Tuutikki Tolonen, illustrated by Kati Vuorento

Weird dreams, a mysterious graveyard, and hidden keys – Agnes has to follow the clues to solve a long forgotten family mystery

  • Winner of LukuVarkaus Award 2021!
  • Nominated for Arvid Lydecken Award 2021
  • Nominated for Runeberg Junior Award 2021

 NEW: #3 Agnes and the Shadow in the Window

The acclaimed series continues!
Agnes and her mother have moved into their mysterious manor where summer camps are held. Suddenly, drawings that no one claims to have drawn appear during the summer arts camp. A strange shadow is captured by Agnes’s camera, as if someone is standing next to the window in the empty room. Does the manor have more secrets to share? 

#1 Agnes and the Garden of Dreams

Moving to a new city is frightening enough for 11-year-old Agnes. But when she makes an exciting discovery at the local cemetery, the summer isn’t the same anymore!
Everything began on that one summer day when Agnes walked through the cemetery gate. She had just moved to a boring new town and left behind her old home and friends. But then something weird happened and her life became more exciting than ever!
She finds a tombstone that has the name Agnes on it – and the same birthday as hers! From that day on, Agnes keeps having dreams of a girl who hides a key in a beautiful garden. When Agnes stumbles upon the same garden, she knows she must find the key. But what will it open?

#2 Agnes and the Mysterious Mansion 

Agnes’ adventures continue in this sequel that is both a ghost story and a family mystery.
Agnes and her mother have inherited a beautiful old villa, but there seems to be something strange about it. There is a lovely scent of flowers in the air, even though there aren’t any flowers in the houses. Every morning, the lid of an old piano is found open even though no one has been playing it. More importantly, why can they hear steps on the staircase to the attic?


Agnes is a very charming story about friendship and family, it is gripping and heartwarming at the same time. Tuutikki Tolonen takes us to a place full of mysteries and dreams and she creates an atmosphere where the reader immediately feels comfortable. We are very happy to welcome Agnes to our list!
– Wiebke Andersen, Editor, Carlsen Verlag, Germany


Rights sold:


CZECH REPUBLIC: Portál, s. r. o.
ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
GERMANY: Carlsen Verlag
HUNGARY: Cerkabella
ROMANIA: Editura Paralela 45
RUSSIA: Rosman


Tammi 2015, 300 pp.

Tammi 2016, 285 pp.

Tammi 2020, 250 pp.

Age group: 7+

Reading material:
Book 1: English edition
Book 2-3: English sample & synopsis


Monster Nanny Trilogy

by Tuutikki Tolonen, Illustrated by Pasi Pitkänen

The Monstrous Mary Poppins – international bestseller with a Hollywood Film in development

  • Rights sold in 31 territories!
  • A feature film in development co-produced by Ridley Scott

#1 Monster Nanny

The Hellman children have been sent a nanny to look after them while their mother is at a spa. The only problem? Their nanny is a monster.
Grah is hairy, dusty, and doesn’t talk. When the siblings discover that other neighborhood kids have been left with similar creatures, they start to wonder where the monsters came from. With the parents away, the kids work together (between bickering) to figure
out the mystery of the monsters.

#2 Monster Route

Mimi, 6 years old, has snuck into the monsters’ underground world after her monster friend Grah. She
travels in their tunnels, led by the odd gate keeper. Back at home, Koby and Halley put their heads together and manage to get in touch with Mimi. But who is the mysterious and frightening ruler of the monster world?

#3 Monster Message

The Hellman kids face new troubles. Mom and Dad want to move into a bigger home on the other side of the city. When Mimi finds crumpled leaves with strange markings in her room, they look like messages from underground, but who’s delivering them and why? And why does the gate keeper of the underground world appear in their bathroom?


The upbeat tone, oddball details, and Pitkänen’s humorous b&w cartoons combine to create a strange but entertaining romp that will surprise readers at every turn.
– Publishers Weekly, USA


 Rights sold:

FINLAND, Tammi (orig.)

AUSTRALIA: Allen & Unwin
BOSNIA, Šahinpašić
BRAZIL, DarkSide Books
CHINA, Beijing Children’s Publishing House
DENMARK, Turbine
ESTONIA, Tiritamm
FRANCE, Editions Robert Laffont
GERMANY, Carl Hanser Verlag
HUNGARY, Tessloff Babilon
ITALY, Salani/Mauri Spagnol
KOREA: Seosawon
LATVIA, Zvaigzne
LITHUANIA: Nieko Rimto
NETHERLANDS: (print) Luitingh-Sijthoff
NETHERLANDS: (audio) Saga Egmont
NEW ZEALAND: Allen & Unwin
NORWAY, Gyldendal Norsk
OCEANIA: Allen & Unwin
POLAND, Vesper
PORTUGAL, Asa Editiones/Leya
ROMANIA: Univers
RUSSIA, Rosman
SERBIA: Laguna
SLOVENIA, Mladinska knjiga
SPAIN (Spanish), La Galera
SPAIN (Catalan), La Galera
SWEDEN, Rabén & Sjögren
TURKEY, SEV Redhouse Kidz
UKRAINE: School Publishing House
WORLD ENGLISH, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

FILM RIGHTS, Scott Free Productions

Otava, June 2020, 200 pp.

Age group: 7+

Reading material:
English sample & synopsis

Miss Swift’s Weird and Wonderful House

by Magdalena Hai, illustrated by Teemu Juhani

Twelve monkeys, a matador ghost, and tigers in the garden – Miss Swift’s house has everything imaginable, except people. But why does she have three bedrooms ready for children?

  • A fantastic standalone middle-grade title by the author and illustrator of the Little Shop of Nightmares series – sold to 24 territories

Miss Swift lives happily alone in an extraordinary house. She isn’t completely alone, she has twelve monkeys, some garden tigers, and one ghost to keep her company. But when a little boy appears on her doorstep, Pekka and his two cousins are rummaging through her house, looking for their missing beast before Miss Swift even notices. And, if there’s anything Miss Swift despises in this world, it’s children.

But why does the house have so many bedrooms? And why are the children feeling so at home in Miss Swift’s house? Is there something she could have forgotten? Miss Swift’s Weird and Wonderful House is a new fantasy story for middle-grade readers full of funny details and fast-paced events. Teemu Juhani’s illustrations bring the house and its eccentric characters to life.


This is a book that will surely be read repeatedly in many families, and every time it will be just as enjoyable for both adults and children.
– Maaseudun tulevaisuus newspaper, Finland

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)




Otava, 2021, 320 pp.

Age group: 15+/Crossover

English sample and synopsis

Where the Light Comes In 

by Anne-Maija Aalto

What is a person if you take away their memory? Who determines what we believe? A captivating story of rebellion, hope, and humanity..

    • Finlandia Prize winner – The best Children’s & Young Adult title in Finland 2021!
    • Finlandia Prize audience favorite 2021!

Aleksei is a young man whose father runs a human research institute in Tokyo, which is now partly covered by the sea. New batches of test subjects regularly arrive at the facility, including one with Satomi, a young woman whose memory is set to be erased. Satomi becomes Aleksei’s trial case, since he is meant to continue his father’s work. But something is already churning beneath the surface, and the younger generation can see the horrors of the system their parents have created.

Anne-Maija Aalto’s Finlandia Award-winning Where the Light Comes In is a tremendously skillful, captivating story of rebellion, hope and humanity. The winner of the Finlandia Prize for Children’s & Young Adult Literature was selected by futurist and non-fiction author Perttu Pölönen.

Finlandia Award winner Anne-Maija Aalto’s Where the Light Comes In is the dystopian love story of two very different characters with different values set in a water-covered former Japan. It is a stand-alone sequel to Aalto’s acclaimed novel Dragonfly. 


The narration is effortless, the world distant, yet timely. The great questions of humanity are present. The story elegantly invites young people to see how their relationships with their parents can change when they get to know them better.
– Perttu Pölönen, Futurist, Non-Fiction Author, Finlandia Prize Jury 



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

HUNGARY: Metropolis Media Group

Otava, 2018, 557pp.

Otava, September 2021, 687pp.

Age group: 14+

Reading material:
#1 English sample and synopsis
#2 English sample and synopsis

The Chronicles of Royaume

by Magdalena Hai

Highly imaginative world-building and mythological storytelling in a YA Space-Witch series inspired by Hayao Miyazaki, Neil Gaiman and Diana Wynne Jones

    • Finlandia Prize nominated series!
    • A series partly based on Earth and partly on the witch planet, Royaume, where the eternal night reigns
    • Magdalena Hai’s works have been sold to over 25 countries

 NEW! #2 The Spell of Iset 

What happens to Earth when the elves return? The magnificent fantasy adventure continues. 

After battling the great witches, Lune seeks to understand her mysterious power and erratic boyfriend Niemann. At the same time, the Elven forest gate opened by Lune has begun to live its own life. The beautiful Elven people are now flowing back to Earth from which they had been banished by the Principal. In Royaume, the Black Witch makes a grand re-entrance, but for the first time in a thousand years a rebellion is smoldering in the realm. The brilliant Minuit is stalked by a different kind of threat – a new court witch who wants nothing less than her heart. 

The first installment of the series, The Third Sister, was nominated for the Finlandia Prize in Children’s and Youth Literature.

#1 The Third Sister

The Third Sister is a fantastic, manga-inspired adventure and the first installment in a new series called The Royaume Chronicles.

Ciel and Lune are best friends and daughters of the two great witches of Royaume. Ciel, the daughter of the White Witch, is preparing for her rite of passage, the witch song ritual, which will show her true soul and future as a witch. When Ciel steps in front of the mirror of songs, a terrifying truth is revealed: she is a sanschant, a songless witch. The last sanschant there was, almost destroyed their whole world.

The girls must escape Royaume. They end up on Earth, where they find refuge in a school, run by a creature called Principal and attended by otherworldly students. One of them in particular, Niemann, rocks Lune’s boat. Who is Niemann, why can’t Lune resist him? In Royaume, the White Witch is doing everything she can to relocate her daughter. The fate of their world is again at stake.


The clever and entertaining novel lures the reader into its magical world, and doesn’t let go. The layered,  surprising, and multi-level story slowly unfolds and reveals its secrets. The language and worlds of the work, the intriguing rhythm, and the description of the person form a delicious and intact whole.
– Finlandia Prize Jury on The Third Sister



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Tammi, 2022-

Age group: 15+

Series introduction
English samples coming soon

Nordic Horror Series

by A.R.S. Horkka

When the days are short, the nightmares are long. And your fears take a monstrous shape. 

  • YA horror series with 7 standalone novels with Nordic twist, launching in Spring 2022
  • Russian rights already sold, pre-publication, to the largest publishing house Eksmo!

Consider the long, dark winters of the Nordics and the mythologies they breed. Next, add a dash of mystery, a touch of the supernatural, and a drop of murder. As a finishing touch, layer on frigid mists and a pervasive, creeping eeriness, and you end up with the perfect Nordic Horror series.
But if you look more closely, there is also kindness, friendship and romance in the mix!

Nordic Horror is an anthology series. Each novel introduces a new main character with a fast-paced, original, and fun-to-read plot from a different horror subgenre with a Nordic twist. Above all, each story is an honest and emotional study of its protagonists – of the fears that have made them who they are and how they still have to face their biggest fear of all, no matter what monstrous shape it takes.

The first season of seven books has already been acquired by Tammi in Finland, and the first book, The Shivering, will be published in 2022.

Book 1: THE SHIVERING (June 2022)
I dont live in the cold, the cold lives in me.

When six-year-old Armas loses his parents in a plane accident, he is sent to a remote orphanage in northern Lapland, where children are called “hot bloods” who need to be “cooled down.”

What people don’t know is that by being “cooled down”, the children are actually losing their emotions to demons. To get his emotions back, Armas, now 16, has to kill each of these demons, including the oldest and most dangerous monster of them all- the demon queen called the Snow Lady.

Do clockwork zombies dream of steam sheep?

Two fifteen-year-old steam engineering cadets, Orca and Vapor, each make a death-defying trip to Helsinki, the Lead City, which is teeming with clockwork zombies and enemy soldiers, to retrieve their beloved mentor, Professor Aeris, the Imperial Clockwork Whisperer, and the Fire Stone, a magical object with the ability to heal the plague raging in the empire and end the war with the Blood Army.

The past haunts me. I haunt the past.

After a brain tumor diagnosis, 18-year-old Taika, an avid member of a historical reenactment group, develops a psychic connec- tion to a medieval noblewoman, a Viking berserker, and a Finnish civil war photo- grapher. Now Taika must help them with their troubles, and they help her, to the point of curing her cancer. Ultimately we learn that the ghost that has been haunting her has been herself all along.

A Midsummer Day’s Nightmare – a disturbing classic

As punishment for using ancient forest magic, 16-year-old Dia, who suffers from Tourette syndrome, is sent to spend her summer holiday with her grandmother on a remote island, where she ends up solving a decades-old mystery involving the mur- der of several children but almost falls victim to a macabre Midsummer’s Eve ritual.

Never meet your death metal heroes.

Wannabe guitar slinger/vocalist Krista and her goofy heavy metal band break their idol, the iconic black metal singer and total nutcase Jennifer, out of a mental hospital to get their hands on her notorious demo tapes. But when the murder ballads come to life, Krista must find a way to undo the curse before the monsters kill them all.

The Ride of Your Life

Maija is 18 years old, friendless, and seri- ously ill. When she becomes the owner of a black VW Beetle, a car with an evil mind of its own infamous for its connections to a series of recent murders, it unlocks her suppressed memories of being a 600-year- old vampire. Now she realizes that she must save her fellow vampires from a ruthless biotech company that is harvesting their blood to massproduce the elixir of youth.

Connecting Werewolves

Nooa is a sensitive and quiet art student who is interested in costume design.
But all that changes when a mysterious werewolf pelt comes into his possession. Passed down through the ages, it protects him and all of his reincarnations as he uses his newfound powers to fight against a vicious serial killer who 
wants to avenge his sister’s murder.



We are happy to offer our readers a new, fascinating, shivering and appealing NORDIC HORROR series! Take a look at these covers – they engage and intrigue and attract eyes.
– Alexey Smirnov, Foreign Rights Manager, Eksmo, Russia


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (Books 1-7, orig.)

RUSSIA: Eksmo (Books 1-3)

WSOY, 2020,  397pp.

Age group: 12+

Reading material:

English sample & synopsis


by Meri Luttinen

A beautiful historical fantasy adventure set in an ancient Finnish fantasy world where a young woman finds her place in society
  • Topelius Prize Winner 2020!
  • Nominated for Finlandia Prize for Children’s & YA literature 2020
  • Nominated for Kuvastaja prize for best Fantasy Novel 2020!
  • Nominated for Nuori Aleksis prize 
  • Rights sold in Russia and Hungary!
On the white night of the summer solstice, 16-year-old Kainu stands at the edge of rings of earth drawn on the ground in her coming of age ritual. Young girls in her village discover their future role in life by taking part in this ancient “rite of the rings”. The rings they land on determine their role in the community, as matrons, mothers, or craftswomen. The five inner rings are reserved for shamans and sages, and no one has landed on the innermost ring, the tenth ring, in over 500 years. However, when Kainu enters the innermost ring, that of a Great Sage, heavy responsibilities fall on her, and she has to go on a long journey to find out who she really is.   PRAISE: Placed in an Ancient Finnish fantasy world, this debut novel is an excellent story of personal growth, dealing with themes of loneliness, being different, and overcoming your own fears. -The Jury of the Topelius Prize  

Rights sold:


HUNGARY: Europa Kiado

Schildts & Söderströms 2014, 180 pp.

Förlaget 2016, 400 pp.

#3 BREVEN FRÅN MARESI, Förlaget 2018, 300 pp.

Age group: 12+

Reading material:

English PDFs

The Red Abbey Chronicles

by Maria Turtschaninoff

The Red Abbey Chronicles is a historically-inspired feminist fantasy saga, aimed at young adult audiences.

  • Rights sold in 30 territories!
  • International TV series in development!

#1 Maresi

The Red Abbey is a refuge for women and girls, where everyone pursues their own areas of interest. Maresi prefers to spend her time reading and learning. Everything changes when the frightened Jai arrives on the island. She has seen her sister get buried alive for speaking to a young man, and her father and a crew of thugs are after her. Maresi and her friends have to fight to defend both Jai and their community.

#2 Naondel

An independent prequel to Maresi, Naondel tells the story of the First Sisters – founders of the Red Abbey.
Imprisoned in a harem by a dangerous man with a dark magic that grants him power over life and death, the women must overcome their mistrust of each other in order to escape. But they can only do so at great costs, both for those who leave and those left behind.

#3 Maresi: Red Mantle

The third book is an epistolary novel that follows Maresi after she leaves the Red Abbey to establish a school in her oppressed home province of Rovas. The return to her Northern home, and fitting in, is not easy even with all the knowledge she’s bringing with her, but she is determined to triumph over the difficulties. However, she does not need to make it alone, for life has yet another surprise in store: love.


Maresi stands out for its startling originality, and for the frightening plausibility of the dangerous world it creates
– Rebecca Hawkes, Telegraph

It’s rare to find a YA fantasy with such polished writing… Utterly satisfying and completely different
– Bookliststarred review

Dark, powerful and original… it really stands out in a very crowded YA marketplace. Thrilling, suspenseful and gloriously feminist
– The Bookseller

Beautifully written… Maresi has a touch of Katniss about her, and although the target market is different, female lovers of dystopian fantasy adventures will enjoy the journey
– The School Librarian

It’s hard not to be impressed with Turtschaninoff’s magical world
– The Times 


Rights sold:

Original publisher: FINLAND, Schildts & Söderströms (Book 1)
Original publisher: FINLAND, Förlaget (Books 2-3)

ALBANIA: Dritan (Book 1-2)
AZERBAIJAN: Alatoran (Book 1-2)
BELGIUM, Clavis (Book 1-2)
BRAZIL, Morro Branco (Books 1-3)
BULGARIA, Izida (Books 1-3)
CANADA (English): Abrams (books 1-3)
CANADA (French), Editions de la Bagnole (Book 1)
CHINA (Simplified), Shanghai 99 (Books 1-3)
CROATIA, Naklada ljevak (Book 1)
DENMARK, Turbine (Book 1)
ESTONIA, Varrak (Book 1-2)
FINLAND, Tammi (Books 1-2)
FRANCE, Rageot (Books 1-2)
GERMANY, Random House/Heyne (Book 1)
HUNGARY, Scolar (Books 1-3)
ITALY, Atmosphere Libri (Books 1-3)
LATVIA, Petergailis (Book 1-2)                     
LITHUANIA, Aukso Pieva (Book 1)
NETHERLANDS, Clavis (Book 1-2)
NORWAY, Gursli Berg Forlag (Books 1-3)
POLAND, Wydawnictwo Debit (Books 1-3)
ROMANIA, Editura Univers (Book 1-2)
RUSSIA: Eksmo (books 1-3)
WORLD SPANISH, Penguin Random House/Alfaguara (Book 1)
SWEDEN, Berghs (Books 1-2)
TURKEY, Altın Kitaplar (Book 1)
UNITED KINGDOM, Pushkin Press (Books 1-3)
UNITED STATES, Abrams (Books 1-3)

FILM, The Bureau/Film4


Tammi, May 2021, 138pp.

Age group: 15+

Reading material:
Full English translation

In the Dark I Can Be Yours

by Salla Simukka

If your love can only be a secret, will it last?

  • Salla Simukka is Finland’s most internationally bestselling author with the Snow White Trilogy sold in 52 territories

Varpu and Saga are two sixteen-year-old girls that are forced to stay in their hometown for the summer. After just one drunken kiss, prejudice and identity are shattered and it’s revealed how behind the facade, everyone hurts and loves the same. In The Dark I Can be Yours is a touching and beautiful title about great emotions in the summer.

The authentic characters are supported by Simukka’s light and airy narrative. Each side of the book tells one girl’s story, which effortlessly melts together into a summer of love, insecurities, and exploration of two young people.

In the Dark I Can Be Yours portrays queer love with airy light writing to the otherwise bittersweet undertones of the story. The ending is left hanging in the air in a way that makes you both thirst for more and think that every word in the novel was in the right place. A beautiful masterpiece from Simukka
Siniset Helmet blog, Finland



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)


Tammi 2013, 240 pp.

Tammi 2013, 240 pp.

Tammi 2014, 250 pp.

Age group: 14+

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Snow White Trilogy

by Salla Simukka

This international bestseller is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that chills to the bone –  and not just because of the icy winter setting.

  • Stay tuned for BIG NEWS to follow: Hollywood TV show in development by Zerogravity (“Ozark”)
  • Rights sold in 52 territories! 

#1 As Red As Blood

It’s the coldest winter in decades: the streets of Tampere are frozen and white with snow. And nothing is as red against white snow as blood… 17-year-old Lumikki Andersson goes to a high school of performing arts. She has made it a rule to stay out of things that do not involve her.
However, the rule is put to the test on leap day when she finds washed five hundred euro notes hung to dry in her school’s darkroom. Soon Lumikki finds herself caught in a tangled web of international drug trafficking.

 #2 As White As Snow

Lumikki Andersson is backpacking in Prague, where the weather is scorching hot. A girl approaches her in a small café and claims to be her step sister. Lumikki’s parents seem to be hiding a secret concerning the family’s past, so the girl’s claim rouses Lumikki’s interest. Despite her erratic behaviour, the girl manages to persuade Lumikki to join a religious community. But the religion of the cult is not pure; and innocence is not as white as snow…

 #3 As Black As Ebony

Lumikki Andersson is set to play the leading role in a modern-day version of Snow White at her high school. As opening night approaches, Lumikki starts receiving notes from a secret admirer whose infatuation soon turns out to be a dangerous obsession. The admirer threatens to turn the premiere into a bloodbath unless Lumikki consents to his demands.
Time is running out, the opening night is just around the corner and Lumikki has to find a way to outwit the stalker with a soul as black as ebony.


 Lined in stark red, white, and black, this cold, delicate snowflake of a tale sparkles with icy magic.

Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review), United States

Fans of Nesbo and Larsson won’t be disappointed.
– Publishers Weekly, United States




Rights sold:


FINLAND, Tammi (orig.)

ALBANIA, Botime B-Books
ARAB WORLD, Arab Scientific
ARGENTINA, Nuevo Extremo
BRAZIL, Novo Conceito
CANADA (French), Hachette Livre
CATALAN, La Galera
CHINA, Modern Press
DENMARK, Gyldendal
ESTONIA, Pegasus
FAROE ISLANDS, Bókadeildin
FRANCE, Hachette Livre
GEORGIA, Bakur Sulakauri
GREECE, Metaixmio
HUNGARY, Athenaeum
ICELAND, Forlagid
ICELAND, Storyside (audio and e-book rights)
INDONESIA, Gramedia/Bhuana Ilmu Populer
ISRAEL, Yedioth
ITALY, Mondadori
JAPAN, Nishimura
KOREA, Gimm Young
LATVIA, Zvaigzne
LITHUANIA, Alma Littera
NORWAY, Gyldendal
PORTUGAL, Presença
SERBIA, Vulkan
SLOVAKIA, Verbarium
SLOVENIA, Mladinska
SPAIN, La Galera
SWEDEN, Rabén & Sjögren
TAIWAN, Emily Publishing
THAILAND, Nanmee Books
TURKEY, Altin Kitaplar
UNITED STATES & CANADA, Penguin Random House/Crown
VIETNAM, Alpha Books

TV, Zerogravity