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Middle Grade

Black Moon Inn

Reetta Niemelä, illustr. Katri Kirkkopelto

Picture Books

The Fox and Silence

Reetta Niemelä , illustr. Eri Shimatsuka

Middle Grade

Dad Man and the Impossible Time Knot

Arttu Unkari, illustr. Kai Vaalio

Picture Books


Ted Forsström, illustr. Åsa Lucander

Young Adult

My Ugly Diary

Mari Kujanpää

Picture books

Förlaget, March 2023, 44 pp.

Age group: 3+ years

Reading material:
Full English text


Ted Forsström, illustrated by Åsa Lucander

An interactive and playful bedtime story for toddlers featuring a very loud dog with a big imagination!

✓ Dog Stella’s thoughts mimic the lively imagination of toddlers

✓ Features comforting routine and interactive fun: Toddlers will love to join in the repeating tongue twister telling dog Stella to behave and will be equally delighted by Stella’s crazy reasons for barking!

✓ A new, exciting collaboration between comedian and Finlandia Junior nominated author Ted Forsström and Aardman director and illustrator Åsa Lucander

“Please Stella, stop barking!” her father says in a stern way.
Everyone gets up from the bed and looks. No strange dogs. No balls. Not even a small berry or a strand of beard.
But through the window, Stella sees the neighbour’s car going away.
“Do you hear car, get out of the yard!” Dad says, leading everyone back to bed.”

A father tries to put his child to bed, but keeps getting interrupted by Stella the dog, who starts barking hysterically. Something unexpected always happens, and the reader is treated to Stella’s lively imaginations: it may be a door opening or a car driving by, but Stella is strongly convinced it’s Grandma coming to give her food, or that squirrels have built a nest in the toaster.

Anyone who has ever tried to bring a child to bed knows how cozy yet fragile the situation is. It requires the right amount of patience and determination. The right bedtime story can be the key to a successful, quiet night.

There is a warm feeling, playful rhymes and an unusual mix of familiar ordinariness and fantastic antics. Clear recognition for anyone trying to combine cozy moments with a pet!

Stella is a book you can read again and again, night after night.


Rights sold:
FINLAND: Förlaget (orig. Finland-Swedish)
SWEDEN: Förlaget (orig.)

Otava,  September 2022, 32 pp.

Age group: 3+ years

Reading material:
English PDF

The Fox and Silence

Reetta Niemelä , illustrated by Eri Shimatsuka

A charming picture book about a sensitive fox and the need for silence.

✓ A new collaboration between the winner of the Arvid Lydecken Award 2022 Reetta Niemelä and textile artist and illustrator Eri Shimatsuka

✓ An important topic with appeal to all ages

✓ Teaches children about mental health and standing up for their individual needs

Once upon a time there was a fox the colour of a copper pot. It had very long and sensitive ears. Loud noises keep hurting the fox’s ears. It had to dig deeper and deeper into its den to rest its ears. Where does the fox find silence? How would the other creatures in the forest understand that the silence is like a hammock, where one can safely fall asleep?

This beautiful story discusses sensibility and the need for silence. The touching text by award-winning poet and children’s author Reetta Niemela is paired with charming illustrations by textile artist Eri Shimatsuka.

The book plays in an interactive way with the reader. The narrator speaks directly with the reader and comments on the mistakes of their narration. The reader is also invited to try using their little fingers as earplugs and to write to the fox about a place where one can find silence. [–] The smooth surfaces, twisting burrows of the animals and hefty tree trunks radiate the peace of a forest.
– Marianna Lammi in Kuvittaja Magazine


Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Otava, April 2022, 32 pp.

Age group: 3+ years

Reading material:
English PDF

Itty Bitty Princess and the Truth About Babies

Hannele Lampela, illustrated by Ninka Reittu

Why on earth would parents want a baby that poops a lot and wakes them up in the middle of the night?

✓ Itty Bitty Princess, the loveliest, naughtiest, and kindest girl in the world, now starring in a picture book!
✓ Rights sold to 6 territories, 2 films in development and several theater productions
✓ The bestselling and award-winning Itty Bitty Princess series has been nominated e.g. for Runeberg Prize and has won Kaarina Helakisa prize.

Where do annoying little siblings come from? Itty Bitty Princess figures out the truth about babies in her own bold manner.

Of course, Itty Bitty Princess knows that babies grow in mothers’ tummies. But how did they end up there? And how do they get out? And most importantly: why on earth would parents want a baby that poops a lot and wakes them up in the middle of the night?

This charming picture book by Hannele Lampela, illustrated by Ninka Reittu, provides answers to children’s puzzling questions about babies, but also touches on the emotions that big sisters and brothers go through when they hear a baby is on the way.

Itty Bitty Princess and the (Awful) Truth About Babies is a warm, funny and sweet story that will solve many questions and will save some grownups from having that “uncomfortable” talk. Most important of all, Itty Bitty brings to the conversation the diversity and richness among all families, parents, siblings and guardians.
– María José González Camarena, Children’s and YA Managing Editor, Planeta Mexico
Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

DENMARK: Turbine
ESTONIA: Kirjastus Elust Enesest
ITALY: Fabbri Editori
SPAIN: Planeta Mexico
LATIN AMERIKA: Planeta Mexico

Otava,  October 2022, 80 pp.

Age group: 3+ years

Reading material:
English PDF

Itty Bitty Princess’s Teeny Bit Terrific Fairy Tales

Hannele Lampela, illustrated by Ninka Reittu

The hero of all mischief-makers, Itty Bitty Princess, tells us seven familiar stories from the perspective of the teeny bit naughty! 

✓  Itty Bitty Princess is the loveliest, naughtiest, and kindest girl in the world!

✓ Two films in development!

Have you ever thought of how a witch feels when her magnificent gingerbread house is eaten? Or the fairy who doesn’t get invited to a birthday party? Indeed, probably not so good. 

Itty Bitty Princess has noticed that the ones who are already kind are the ones who always win the battles. Like her little brother. That’s why she has decided to tell a few stories from the side of the scoundrels, like the dragon that gets constantly poked by swords. After all, Itty Bitty Princess knows what it’s like to be kind and naughty at the same time.


Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Tammi, April 2023, 48 pp.

Age group: 2+ years

Reading material:
English sample

Little Mouse and Spring Leaves

Riikka Jäntti

Book 9 of the series

The lovely Little Mouse series continues! Spring is here and Little Mouse’s adventures never stop.

✓  Rights for the series sold in 21 territories!
✓ Features lovely retro-style illustrations and relatable everyday scenarios from family life with a toddler!
✓ There is a book for every occasion!

Spring is here and Little Mouse has a lot to wonder about!

The ninth Little Mouse-title tells about the miracles of spring.

It’s so light in the evenings that Little Mouse cannot sleep. It’s spring. In the park and walking in the forest Little Mouse observes all kinds of things: the first butterfly of spring and a lizard. The ants that live in the cracks of stairs prove to be the most interesting, though.

There are some little worries with spring too as Grandpa Mouse has to go to the hospital. Little Mouse and Mummy Mouse visit him and Little Mouse thinks it’s a bit scary. Will Grandpa be okay?

Easter gets closer and the Easter Bunny brings Little Mouse a chocolate egg which is great fun to hunt after Mummy hides it. Will Little Mouse find the egg?


Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

Tammi, February 2023, 16 pp.

Age group: 0+ years, board book

Reading material:
English sample

Little Mouse Goes to the Museum

Riikka Jäntti

Learn about art with Little Mouse! A board book for the smallest Little Mice of the family!

✓ Rights for the series sold in 21 territories!
✓ Features lovely retro-style illustrations and relatable everyday scenarios from family life with a toddler!
✓ There is a book for every occasion!

Art belongs to everyone – even the smallest ones. Little Mouse goes to the museum and finds an interesting artwork with a mousechild in same age and an exciting atmosphere – so he decides to jump into it!

Delightful … Ideal for ages 1-4, Little Mouse Helps Out again features Jantti’s evocative retro ink and watercolour illustrations and a straightforward English translation just perfect for storytime
– West Australian, about Little Mouse Helps Out


Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

Tammi, 2015-, 48 pp.

Age group: 2+ years

Reading material:
English PDFs

Little Mouse Series

Riikka Jäntti

Adorable bestselling picture book series about a little mouse and its everyday adventures. There is a book for every occasion!

✓  Rights for the series sold in 21 territories!

✓  Features lovely retro-style illustrations and relatable everyday scenarios from family life with a toddler!

✓ There is a book for every occasion!

Book 1: Little Mouse
A day in the life of a toddler is a busy one, and Little Mouse’s is no exception. Between getting dressed, going to daycare, eating dinner, and splashing in puddles, Little Mouse has a lot to do … and a lot to say ‘no’ to!

Book 2: Little Mouse Helps Out
Little Mouse’s friend Pip is coming over to visit. But first, there are chores to do around the house, like cleaning, laundry and cooking lunch. Little Mouse is determined to help Mommy Mouse with all of them.

Book 3: Little Mouse’s Christmas
Christmas is coming, and Little Mouse can’t wait for Christmas Eve. Luckily, there are all kinds of wonderful preparations to be made, from cooking to choosing the Christmas tree.

Book 4: Little Mouse’s Holiday
Little Mouse and Mommy Mouse take the train together to the countryside to stay at their cottage on an island, pick berries, heat the sauna, and cook sausages over a campfire under the starry skies. It’s a real treat for a little city mouse!

Book 5: Little Mouse’s Winter
Winter is here and Little Mouse enjoys playing outside. But the fun is interrupted by piano lessons. And why do all the other kids have phones and lots of collectible toy figures? Luckily, Mom has lots of fun activities that will make Little Mouse happy again.

Book 6: Little Mouse’s Summer
Summer holidays are full of fun: going to the amusement park, playing by the beach and visiting the art museum. Buying strawberries and ice cream, and going to the cinema when the weather is too hot. Little Mouse knows you have to enjoy the summer, because it doesn’t last forever.

Book 7: Little Mouse’s Goes Camping
One beautiful summer’s day, Little Mouse goes camping with his mom. Little Mouse helps Mommy Mouse set up the tent, light the grill and prepare sausages and vegetables wrapped in foil. When it gets dark, Little Mouse listens to the sounds of the night in the tent. In the morning, they are both very hungry but luckily the island’s restaurant is open!

Book 8: Little Mouse and the Birthday Present
At last, DING DONG! Little Mouse opens the front door for the birthday guests. Little Mouse receives delightful presents from friends, and then it is time to feast: the birthday cake and other desserts are to everyone’s taste. Games and quizzes are also part of Little Mouse’s birthday. The next morning, Little Mouse gets a present from Mommy Mouse, but it ends up causing a surprising amount of trouble, especially to Mom!

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
AUSTRALIA: Scribble/Scribe
BULGARIA: Uniscorp
CHINA: Beijing Yuntu Tech
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FRANCE: Cambourakis
GERMANY: Cross Cult
ITALY: Sinnos
NEPAL: Kathalaya
NEW ZEALAND: Scribble/Scribe
PORTUGAL: Harper Collins Iberica
ROMANIA: Editura Paralela 45
RUSSIA: Strecoza
SPAIN (Spanish): Harper Collins Iberica
SPAIN (Catalan): Harper Collins Iberica
SWEDEN: Epix Bokförlag AB
UK: Scribble/Scribe

Tammi, October 2022, 80 pp.

Age group: 3+ years

Reading material:
English sample in September

Little Mouse’s Fables

Riikka Jäntti

Little Mouse’s Fables is a charming and cheerful book for small readers and all Little Mouse’s friends!

✓  Little Mouse and Mommy Mouse dive together into the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and discuss them!

✓  The newest standalone title in the bestselling Little Mouse series!

Little Mouse loves storytime. Together with Mommy Mouse, they read the Grimm classics: Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Three Wishes, Sweet Porridge, Jack and the Beanstalk, and more! Riikka Jäntti’s lovely illustrations depict the mouseified adventures in these classic tales.

In this new album of her fantastic series Little Mouse, Riikka Jäntti takes a small sidestep to invite us to delve into the Brothers Grimm’s enchanted universe. While taking us back to the classics of children’s literature, she also soflty highlights the joys of the timeless moment of the bedtime story.

– Cambourakis, France

Charming… Scandi sublime.

– The Times, Book of the Week, about Little Mouse

English readers will see something of Beatrix Potter’s poetry and precision in the Helsinki-based illustrator and author’s retro ink and watercolor illustrations. Pitched at children aged up to four, Little Mouse will also delight parents, taking them back to when every day was an adventure.

– William Yeoman, The Weekend West


Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FRANCE: Cambourakis

Tammi 2017, 42 pp.

Tammi 2019, 42 pp.

Tammi, 2021, 42 pp.

Age group: 2-6 years

Reading material:
English PDFs

Princess Rascal series

Elina Hirvonen, illustrated by Mervi Lindman

Princess Rascal is a spirited and resourceful little girl, like a little sister of Pippi Longstocking!

✓  Picture book series praised for its realism depicting life with children!

✓ Rights sold in 5 territories and counting!

The topics of the clever and fun books in the Princess Rascal series arise from the day-to-day challenges of families with children. Busy days can be filled with snappy talk and misunderstandings. But, on the other hand, there are always lots of new ideas, warmth and practical magic around!

#1 Princess Rascal
You would think that Rascal is just a little girl, but she’s also a princess with many crowns for different purposes: one for Important Thoughts, one for Great Adventures, and one for Peaceful Dreams. When Mom gets mad at her, she must find the right crown to calm Mom down.
Princess Rascal is a picture book about a little girl who speaks her mind and has a heart of gold, though sometimes it’s difficult to know the right thing to do. The book has been praised for its accurate and hilarious depictions of the everyday life of a toddler family – sometimes parents get tired, too.

#2 Princess Rascal and the Potty Words
Princess Rascal starts preschool. She’s nervous about her new mates and the new teacher. She is especially nervous about going to the toilet. When she uses potty words in the completely wrong situation, she’s sure that she is the most embarrassed girl in the world. But a solution for the problem can be found in her secret treasure chest.

#3 Princess Rascal and the Quarrel Spell
Which spell is the best when it seems that parents do not have enough time for themselves? Resourceful Princess Rascal has a solution to every problem!
When Mom looks like a red-eyed panda and Dad looks like an angry troll, and they snap at each other without any reason, it’s time for some Rascal spells and Onni’s insights. The solution is the world’s finest KISSING BOOTH. “You have to go in there to kiss. Then you will love again. And never quarrel again…”

Everybody quarrels once in a while, no need to be scared of it. The difficult topic of the book never becomes too gloomy, because the solution-oriented Princess Rascal takes action. Mervi Lindman’s delicate and colorful illustrations also maintain positivity.
– Turun Sanomat newspaper, Finland on Princess Rascal and the Quarrel Spell


 360° VIEW



Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
DENMARK: Gads Forlag (books 1&2)
ESTONIA: Elust Enesest (Books 1-3)
LITHUANIA: Nieko Rimto (book 1)

Chapter books

Tammi, May 2022, 84pp.

Tammi, October 2022, 120 pp.

Tammi, May 2023

Tammi, Fall 2023

Age group: 5+

Reading material:
Full English sample (Book 1), English synopses, English series presentation, Finnish texts

Pet Friends Series

Riina Kaarla, Sami Kaarla & Anders Vacklin

A story of a young girl experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with pets and new friendships!

✓ Funny and adventure-filled 4-book series for animal lovers and robots fans alike!

✓ Fresh quirky 4-colour artwork

✓ Teaches children about animals and pet care

Pet Friends is a freestanding prequel and companion series to Pet Agents for younger readers. The series tells the story of how the agent duo of Kati-e and Ti-bot got their start and solved their first missions.

Book #1 – Bit and Mode: (May 2022)
In order to have a pet of her own, the lonely six-year-old coding wizard and handy robot builder Kati-e rescues adorable rat twins from the trash can. She sneaks them home, despite her mother’s allergy to rats, only to discover a mysterious stuffed animal hidden inside the walls of her room, which used to belong to the coolest girl in the neighborhood.

Book #2: Mop: (October 2022)
A sunny, resourceful, self-reliant 6-year-old rat owner Kati-e is having the time of her life working as a little helper in a pet store; when it goes out of business, devastated Kati-e sets up her own pet service so she can be around animals in the future, and ends up owning four puppies as a result.

NEW Book #3: Bean: (May 2023)
Brilliant and resourceful, Kati-e struggles to build a robot that can speak with animals, to find good homes for her four puppies, and is forced to renovate an old roof-top water tank into her new home as one of the puppies wants to stay with her.

Book #4: Mir: (Fall 2023)
To solve the mystery of the beekeeper’s lost bees, passionate and unyielding animal helper Kati-e has to break into a space tech lab to build a new shapeshifter robot that can perform a bee dance, all at the same time her astronaut father is leaving Earth.

Fluffy, funny, and adventure-filled, the series takes the reader into a totally different animal world, with a fresh twist on pet care. Packed with excellent storytelling, stunning artwork, interesting characters, and wonderfully clever storylines.
Get your paw prints on these books now!

Children’s books about animals often train their readers to treat animals with respect. In the Pet Agents series, children interested in pets and other domestic animals also learn about their care and behaviour. The strength of the Pet Agents series lies in (…) its event-rich storytelling and abundant, colourful illustrations. (…) The children in the series are active, energetic and have a wide network of friends.
– Lastenkirjahylly blog, Finland on Pet Agents series





Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

Tammi, March 2019, 112 pp.

Tammi, November 2019, 160 pp.

Tammi, August 2020, 208 pp.

Tammi, December 2020, 176 pp.

Tammi, October 2021, 190 pp.

Tammi, December 2021, 176 pp.

Tammi, September 2022, 156 pp.


Tammi, February 2023, 176 pp.

Age group: 7+

Reading material:
English synopses & series presentation, Finnish PDFs (Books 1-6)

Pet Agents Series

Riina Kaarla, Sami Kaarla & Anders Vacklin

The famous Pet Agents series is back with new adventures on the Moon!

✓ Kid agents on a journey through space – sci-fi meets fluffy pets

✓ Teaches children about animals and pet care

✓ Series already sold in 7 territories!

✓ 10 titles are planned in the series

KATI-E is an independent girl who loves animals just as much as electronics and coding. TI-BOT is the flying robot Kati-e built. Together they are the PET AGENTS, and their mission is to solve pet problems!

NEW Book #8: Mission on the Moon
In the eighth book of the Pet Agents series, pet agents are invited to the Moon to solve a twisted space mystery.
When the animals on the Moon Station start acting very strange, the Pet Agents are given a thrilling mission. But will the mystery ever be solved when Kati-e, solves only Earth’s problems from the Moon on her hugely popular YouTube channel? And could Ti-bot be right… Is an alien behind the mystery after all?

Book #1: New Pets & New Friends!
The first book in the bestselling series for the animal-loving and tech-savvy children of today.
Kati-e’s and Ti-bot’s schedule is full again. Sofia needs help choosing a dog breed, Mrs. Frang has to find a dog-walker, and a little kitten named Hugo has an upset tummy. But do you know what a diabetic alert dog is? And what do you do if you find a baby squirrel on the side of the road? When you join Kati-e and her robot sidekick for a day, you’ll find out!

Book #2: Tracking a Thief
Keen to solve new cases, Kati-e and Ti-bot hardly get any sleep!
Kati-e has been busy coding and Ti-bot has new skills! He hurries over to the zoo to test his brand-new language abilities – he can talk with monkeys and other animals! The Pet Agents are in for a busy day from clipping the nails of a pet rabbit to helping a depressed budgie. But soon, a mystery thief in the neighbourhood lures the Pet Agents away from their usual tasks!

Book #3: Charging Ahead
Kati-e, Tim and Ti-bot spend time in the countryside and make new friends
When the Pet Agents must find a new home for a miniature pig, they head out to the countryside. The organic farm is full of cute animals, and they help with the farmwork and have fun with the electric four-wheel-drive. But suddenly, there is also a mystery they have to solve! But what to do when Ti-bot disappears and there is no wi-fi coverage?!

Book #4: Lost in the Game
Kati-e and Ti-bot venture out into the virtual world!
A boy contacts Kati-e and tells her that he has lost his pet… dinosaur! Excuse me? Kati-e soon realizes he’s talking about the virtual world and the dinosaur he’s lost is from an online dinosaur park. But it does not make the boy’s anguish any less, and Kati-e gladly accepts the challenge. It’s time for the Pet Agents to go off into the virtual world to find out who is playing dirty.

Book #5: In Deep Water
Pet Agents explore the underwater world!
After helping out a marine biologist with her out-of-the-ordinary pets, Kati-e and Ti-bot get the opportunity to join a marine research vessel as it sails out to sea! Soon the friends are deep under the surface as they try to get to the bottom of a new animal dilemma. The newly updated and waterproofed Ti-bot proves to be invaluable!

Book #6: Snowed In
Pet Agents in a Winter Wonderland!
After rescuing a swan stuck in a frozen pond, Kati-e finds out that the city’s only Pet Rescue animal shelter will be demolished just before Christmas. The Pet Agents are forced to engage in a pursuit across the Arctic Circle to track down Mrs. Frang, the animal shelter founder. She is the only person who can stop the demolition and save all the pets from the freezing cold.

Book #7: Wild City
Pet Agents on a mission to help urban wildlife!
After Luca’s beloved dachshund Wilhelm dies from old age, a resourceful Kati-e will do anything she can to help him. She will even restore an overgrown and neglected old medieval pet cemetery to its former glory so that Wilhelm could have the final resting place that Luca desires.
For the city authorities to agree to reopen the old pet cemetery, the Pet Agents must first participate in the city’s ambitious urban wildlife conservation project. Luca will never forget his beloved dog, but with Kati-e’s help and compassion, he finds ways to ease the sting of grief and memorialize his lost pet.

The framework is so well-refined that the concept remains cohesive and interesting. The series has such an international feel that I had to check a couple of times to see whether Pet Agents really was the work of authors from Finland!
– Lähiömutsi literary blog





Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
POLAND: Media Rodzina

Minerva, September 2021, 56 pp.

Minerva, March 2022, 56 pp.

Age group: 5+

Reading material:
English sample in September

Thelma the Tenacious Witch Series

Satu Varjonen, illustrated by Mari Luoma

A humorous and magical series about the adventures of a young witch girl, written by Satu Varjonen with gleeful illustrations by Mari Luoma!

✓ Realistic struggles in the company of witches!

✓ Well-received and funny series with more titles in the pipeline!

Book #1: Who Nose?

A heart-warming story about accepting differences and loving oneself!

Thelma, the little witch girl, starts school and ends up literally nose to nose with the popular girl, Ornelia. However, the extraordinary witch girl doesn’t get startled easily and decides to give it her all to fit in. 

After a bunch of mishaps, Thelma realizes that instead of trying to please everybody, it is best to be yourself! 

Book #2: An Egg-cellent Surprise!

The sweet witch, Thelma, tries her hardest to make things good. But magic is one of those things that sometimes leads to quite unexpected things. 

Thelma’s house is as busy as ever. The spring cleaning must be done, guests are coming and The Great Egg Hunt with its tantalizing prizes is about to start on the mountain.

The easter traditions of witches and humans cause Thelma a headache, especially when her ghastly great-aunt, Grandma Myrtle and Thelma’s new friend Ornelia get entangled in them too. And magic doesn’t always go according to plan.

The language of the book is humoristic and diverse. It was fun to read together [–] The illustrations are fun and colourful and the characters very expressive!
– Lastenkirjasuomi instagram





Rights sold:
FINLAND: Minerva (orig.)
ESTONIA: Kirjastus Elust Enesest

WSOY, August 2023, 60 pp.

Age group:5+

Reading material:
English text

The Little Shop of Nightmares 4: The Crystal Skull

Magdalena Hai, illustrated by Teemu Juhani

Fourth book in the super successful children’s series for the younger readers 5+!

✓ Mystery and horror paired with laugh-out-loud humour for younger readers!

✓ Magdalena Hai is the winner of the The Kaarina Helakisa Prize 2020

The Little Shop of Nightmares crew finds out that a pirate sailing competition is coming to town! Competing to be the fastest pirate ship are the Ghosts, the Zombies, the Sirens and the Better Pirates – all of whom want the Crystal Skull that has been given to Mr. Kook for safekeeping at the Little Shop of Nightmares.
When the Crystal Skull suddenly goes missing from the shop, little Nina and her friends start their investigation – and the suspects are a-plenty!

The Little Shop of Nightmares takes the reader straight into a fantastic world where everything can happen. And it does! It’s scary, funny and entertaining. Lots of wonderful details and interesting characters. That’s where every child wants to be!
– Lindy Andersen, Publisher, Fontini, Norway





Rights sold:
TAIWAN: Morning Star

WSOY 2019, 60 pp.

WSOY 2019, 60 pp.

WSOY, 2021, 60 pp.

Age group: 7+

Reading material:
Full English PDFs 

The Little Shop of Nightmares Series

Magdalena Hai, illustrated by Teemu Juhani

Hilarious horror for younger middle-grade! Nine-year-old Nina does not get scared easily, but when she starts her job at the Little Shop of Nightmares she meets a bunch of weird characters – and befriends them!

✓ Super success: rights sold in 24 territories!

✓ A chapter book series full of quirky characters and inventive plotlines – workdays are never dull in the Little Shop of Nightmares

✓Mystery and horror paired with laugh-out-loud humour for younger middle grade

✓ Magdalena Hai is the winner of the The Kaarina Helakisa Prize 2020

Nina is a clever, 9-year-old girl who goes to work in the Little Shop of Nightmares. During the course of the series, she has to solve a mystery with tickling powder, find the lost teeth of a vampire, and discover the reason why suddenly it just won’t stop snowing. The Little Shop of Nightmares is a mystery full of fascinating and fun characters that make young readers both wonder and laugh!

#1 The Terrible Tickling Powder
When Nina, a 9-year-old, enters The Little Shop of Nightmares in hopes of getting a job, she is greeted by an odd sight: shopkeeper Mr. Kook is rolling on the floor, unable to stop laughing. With a little help from a ghost called Paddy, they start looking for the untickling powder to help him, but things are certainly not made any easier by Mr. Kook’s world-domination-planning pet octopus Squishy McGoo, who is a bit too quick about getting into trouble with rollerblades on its tentacles.

#2 The Mystery of the Missing Teeth
Nina goes to buy ice cream after her first work day at The Little Shop of Nightmares. But at the ice cream shop she discovers a vampire – without teeth! Nina decides to help the vampire, Lucas, find his teeth from Mr. Kook’s shop. But, for some reason, all the vampire teeth seem to have disappeared. It seems like somebody has hidden them on purpose…

#3 Sticky the Terrible Snowman
The Little Shop of Nightmares is getting buried in snow! Nina and Paddy are trying to find the cause of the snowstorm, but that’s easier said than done. A well-meaning but horribly clumsy snowman keeps getting in their way and thwarting their every effort to stop it from snowing inside.

The Little Shop of Nightmares takes the reader straight into a fantastic world where everything can happen. And it does! It’s scary, funny and entertaining. Lots of wonderful details and interesting characters. That’s where every child wants to be!
– Lindy Andersen, Publisher, Fontini, Norway
The book trilogy by the Finnish duo M. Hai and T. Juhani is full of sincere laughter; natural comic book rhythm; incredibly fantastic, a bit scary adventure; and unique characters that readers will love immediately even without reading the story (visualization is simply magnificent!)
– Lucia Hlubenova, Editor-in-chief for children’s literature, IKAR, Slovakia



 360° VIEW



Rights sold:
CATALAN: La Galera
DENMARK: Vild Maskine
ESTONIA: Postimees Publishing
GERMANY: Egmont Schneiderbuch
GREECE: Dioptra
HUNGARY: Cerkabella
ITALY: Terre di Mezzo
KOREA: Gilbutschool
LATVIA: Latvijas Mediji
NETHERLANDS: De Vier Windstreken
NORWAY: Fontini
ROMANIA: Editura Univers
RUSSIA: Kompas Guide
SERBIA: Odiseja
TAIWAN: Morning Star
TURKEY: Epsilon


Tammi, 144 pp.

Age group: 5+

Reading material:
English sample

The Rescuers Julia and Charlie

Elina Hirvonen, illustrated by Nadja Sarell

Toy Story meets The Avengers in this exciting 3-book series where plush animals have super powers.

✓Realistic worries for young children are combined with sci-fi elements and a superhero adventure story!

The Plush Animal League and their secret plush animal agents are there for children in need! But what if one of their own needs help?

Twelve-year-old Julia is spending more and more time with her friends, and Nis, the plush animal agent, is feeling lonely. Nis is haunted by memories of his childhood spent as an abandoned and misfit toy on a store shelf, until he became Julia’s friend. Many of the other top fluffy agents of the World Council of Stuffed Animals also feel unneeded. The World Council gets a bunch of therapy alpacas to help the depressed agents, but will help arrive before it’s too late?

A toy manufacturer invites Nis to join him and leave the World Council once and for all. When Julia realises her stuffed animal is gone, she decides to stop time. She doesn’t want to grow up, if growing up means parting ways with her childhood best friend, plush animal agent Nis.

Julia and Charlie are determined to uncover the true identity of the Toy manufacturer. As the children grow old, is it possible for them to keep the most important things from their childhood?

Multilayered, imaginative, and exciting!
– Savon Sanomat newspaper





Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

Middle grade

Otava, January 2023, 174pp

Age group: 7+

Reading material:
English sample & synopsis

Dad Man and the Impossible Time Knot

Arttu Unkari, illustrated by Kai Vaalio
The quirkiest cop in town! The Dad Man Series offers fast-paced adventures and humour for all ages – especially lower middle grade.

✓  The newest Dad Man title was published in January 2023!

✓  4 books available and more to come

✓  Book 3, Dad Man and the Horrible Hypnosis, is nominated for the Runeberg Prize 2023!

✓  For fans of David Walliams and Captain Underpants

✓  A perfect “Gateway series to literature” for reluctant readers

✓  Anarchist plotlines and multilayered humour that appeals to all ages

✓  Bold and fresh 4-colour comic-book style artwork that add visual jokes to the narration

Dad Man is a dad, and a policeman – but he also has a superpower! Too bad his superpower is one shared by almost all dads – an unwavering belief in himself and his own abilities. Dad Man truly believes he knows everything and can do anything, but as it goes with most dads, the reality is quite different. And it follows that Dad Man’s nine-year-old daughter Oona needs to solve all of the issues herself.

Oona and her friends find out that Dad Man would never have gotten into police school without help – from them! How is that possible? The friends have no choice but to jump into a time machine and go back to Dad Man’s police academy years to find out.

The four friends find themselves at the centre of a mysterious series of art theft. The case is being investigated by the police academy’s quirkiest cadets, including, of course, Dad Man. Luckily, Oona and friends have a clue of their own. There is a criminal in the police school who they have already caught once.

“A funny and engaging series [–] The series has such delightful characters, carefree school anarchy, and flight of imagination, and one is looking forward to the continuation.”
–Ilkka Valpasvuo on Kulttuuritoimitus magazine




Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Otava, June 2020, 176pp

Age group: 7+

Reading material:
English synopsis

Dad Man and the Exploding Poop

Arttu Unkari, illustrated by Kai Vaalio

Adults who think they know everything and children who are forced to clean up the messes – the Dad Man series offers hilarious adventures!

✓  The first Dad Man title published in 2020!

✓  Nominated for Storytel awards 2020 (Best children’s audiobook) and Best Newcomer of the Year 2020

✓  4 books available and more to come

✓  For fans of David Walliams and Captain Underpants

✓  A perfect “Gateway series to literature” for reluctant readers

✓  Anarchist plotlines and multilayered humour that appeals to all ages

✓  Bold and fresh 4-colour comic-book style artwork that add visual jokes to the narration

A horrific poop explosion flies the minister of education to the Moon in the middle of a regular evening. And even worse is yet to come: it turns out there’s a mad inventor behind it all, who is threatening more explosions if no one solves his twisted riddle.

The pride and role model of the police force, the heroic Dad Man, is not one to flinch and immediately sets out to solve the case. However, his nine-year-old daughter Oona knows that Dad Man’s investigations lead to nothing but disarray. Oona has no choice but to take matters into her own hands.