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Logbook of Love
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Hyena Days

Saara Turunen

Logbook of Love
Literary Fiction

Pine Bark

Tommi Kinnunen

Literary Fiction

A Disobedient Girl

Sara Al Husaini

Crime & Thrillers


Max Seeck

Crime & Thrillers

River Delta #5: The Liberator

Arttu Tuominen

New in Literary Fiction

Tammi, March 2024, 281 pp.

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Finnish edition

Hyena Days

Saara Turunen

Is it possible to have a child and retain one’s own identity?

✓  The fourth novel by the award-winning author, playwright and director!

✓  For readers of Rachel Cusk and Sheila Heti

✓  Saara Turunen’s works have been translated into 16 languages!

I had refused to believe that a life without a child would be empty; I had reassured myself that wasn’t the case, but now I’m forced to admit that maybe it is. There is a hollow in my life, it’s missing something.

The protagonist, an artist, has dreamed about having a child for years. She and her husband try to get pregnant, but they face obstacles such as COVID-19 pandemic and the related lockdown, living in different countries, and unsuccessful IVF treatments. When their last effort bears fruit and the protagonist becomes pregnant, different contradictory thoughts and emotions such as fear, shame and horror come to her mind. Eventually, the child is born, and the protagonist finds herself in a new reality. Everything that had been important before now seems the opposite. Also, taking care of a child is not without its problems, leading the protagonist to feel inferior. Reason on one hand and animality on the other cause conflict in her life.

Hyena Days is a precise and straightforward story about childlessness and the contradictory nature of having a child. It depicts the hopes for a child and the unpredictability of procreation, the shame related to one’s body, and the demands placed on the female body. The novel delves into the incompatible ideas between artistry and motherhood but, above all, it depicts the physical dimension of human life.

Turunen handles the subjects of her novel both in a wistful and a light manner. The short and bright sentences paint precise observations of the contradictoriness of life, of dreams and them becoming fulfilled in a different way that has been imagined. The narration flows effortlessly and takes the reader to a fascinating world full of both personal and universal questions.

I love the way Turunen writes about seemingly mundane details, but they actually represent structures or pain points of the society. Her language is straightforward, and the humor is seen in the contrasts of what is said and what happens.
Turun Sanomat newspaper on Turunen’s previous novel Irrational Things



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

WSOY, April 2024, 205 pp.

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German sample
Finnish edition

Pine Bark

Tommi Kinnunen

A densely atmospheric and arrestingly written novel about women’s fates in times of war, the difficulty of giving up, and how the proximity of death can change a person

✓  The sixth novel by one of Finland’s most award-winning, bestselling and internationally acclaimed authors!

✓  Tommi Kinnunen has won the Best Book of 2014 Prize by the Grand Finnish Journalism Prize, the Readers’ Favorite of the Finlandia Prize of 2016 and 2020, the Minna Canth Prize of 2020, and the Giuseppe Acerbi Prize of 2023!

✓  Tommi Kinnunen’s works have been nominated three times for the Finlandia Prize and nominated for the Europese Literatuurprijs!

✓  Novels by Tommi Kinnunen have been sold to 22 territories!

✓  Tommi Kinnunen has been praised for giving a voice to people whose stories have been kept untold

A person cannot return to being who they once were without knowing who they have been.

In 2001, three siblings – Martti and twin sisters Eeva and Marja – meet in a small village in Northern Finland. Their mother Laina, an old woman who has been through the Second World War, is dying and the children have gathered to arrange the funeral. Even though the siblings have always been on good terms, Martti has always felt aloof, the odd man out. All of them reminisce about their childhood, but Martti remembers things slightly differently than the sisters.

As the novel progresses, the readers are transported through the decades and through Laina’s story, culminating in the Soviet partisan attack during the summer of 1944 that irrevocably changed Laina’s life. She has refused to recall the events and, at the same time, has denied her children the opportunity of remembering and recovering. “One can only talk about men’s war, as the women’s war is soundless and forbidden.

As his mother’s death grows nearer, Martti reaches out to connect with his siblings and attempts to fill in the gaps in the story, but is it already too late?

Tommi Kinnunen uses the phrase in many ways, subtly. At the same time, he writes concretely, descriptively, subtly and in clear sentences. Kinnunen’s language makes for enjoyable reading.
Karjalainen newspaper on Kinnunen’s previous novel Dark Moons






Rights sold:


WSOY, 2014, 335 pp.

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English sample and synopsis
Finnish edition

Where Four Roads Meet

Tommi Kinnunen

A delicately perceptive novel about people who build their dreams to forbidden heights

✓  Winner of the Best Book of 2014 Prize by the Grand Finnish Journalism Prize, the Young Aleksis Award 2015, the Thank You for the Book Medal of 2015, and the Giuseppe Acerbi Prize of 2023!

✓  Nominated for the Finlandia Prize and the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize! Shortlisted for the Europese Literatuurprijs of 2016!

✓  Rights sold to 22 territories!

A young midwife named Maria arouses suspicion among the villagers. Diligently taking care of difficult childbirths, she finally gains the respect she craves for, but fails to notice that she has become a prisoner of her own longing.

Maria’s daughter Lahja, born out of wedlock, wants to incorporate into her own life all that her mother has rejected as ballast. A refugee returning to the north scorched by war, she yearns for contact in her marriage, while her husband, war hero Onni, wanders the cities, seeking fleeting, forbidden moments of happiness.

Decades later, Kaarina is decorating her mother-in-law Lahja’s house, now devoid of dreams, and wants to tear down what others have built to remain silent.

Where Four Roads Meet is a touching and strong story of tenacious women. The novel is both about being different and of the change of the Finnish society. The altering voices of the narrators of the story make the structure of the novel particularly successful and keep the reader captivated. The writing is beautiful, the description of the protagonists is skillful, and their individual fates are fascinating, the novel is a well-balanced and a refined whole. Where Four Roads Meet is a brilliant and timeless debut novel.
– Thank You for the Book Prize jury



Rights sold:

CHINA (simplified): Chinese International Radio Press
DENMARK: Rosinante
FRANCE: Albin Michel
GERMANY: DVA / Random House
HUNGARY: L’Harmattan
ICELAND: Bjartur
ITALY: Edizioni ETS
JAPAN: Shincho-sha
LATVIA: Zvaigzne
LITHUANIA: Alma Littera
SLOVENIA: Cankarjeva Založba
SWEDEN: Norstedts
TURKEY: Bencekitap

Förlaget, April 2024, 240 pp.

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English sample and synopsis
Swedish edition

How We Met Your Mother

Kaj Korkea-aho

An autobiographical story about a gay couple’s journey to co-parenting

✓  The fifth novel from the award-winning author, playwright and columnist

✓  Kaj Korkea-aho’s works have been translated into 7 languages and nominated for the Runeberg Prize and the Nordic Council Literature Prize!

After eight years together, Kaj and Niko, living in Helsinki, decide to try to become parents. They start dating women, but the search for a co-parent seems impossible at first. What has to be right so that one could dare trust a complete stranger? Whose sperm cells should be used? How do you plan the future of a family that is outside the norms, in a society that is still coded heterosexually?

Kaj Korkea-aho’s autobiographical text about how three parents had a child is irresistibly touching, painful, and humorous. It bears traces of all forms of expression mastered by Korkea-aho – novel, podcast, blog, and drama – and can also be used as a kind of handbook for others in the same life situation. The book grabs the reader like a baby with its little hand and doesn’t let go until the book has been finished and the wonder of life has become a fact.



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Förlaget (orig. Finland-Swedish)
FINLAND: Otava (Finnish)

Like, June 2023, 295 pp.

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis
Finnish edition

A Disobedient Girl

Sara Al Husaini

An honest and authentic debut novel by the winner of the Refugee Woman of the Year Award, a novel that shakes the reader to their core

✓  Winner of the BookBeat Newcomer of the Year Award!

✓  Nominated for the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize of 2023 and the Savonia Prize of 2023!

✓  Close to 30,000 copies sold in Finland!

✓  A story of a fearless woman who wants to survive, change the world, and advance human rights of girls

A mother is escorting her daughter, trembling with fear, to the wedding suite door. This is what she’s been raised for ever since she was little, kept in wrapping paper like a precious sweet. This is the reason why she was brought back from Finland to Iraq.

You shouldn’t have abandoned the headscarf”, her siblings say. “He is your husband now”, her mother says.

A Disobedient Girl is an astonishingly honest and authentic story about the history of subjugating and silencing women, about abandoning one’s faith, honor violence, forced marriage, Islamic morality, the price of freedom, and the desperate desire for the right to self-determination. Above all, it is about a fearless woman who wants to survive and change the world.

Based on her own experiences, Sara Al Husaini’s novel A Disobedient Girl should be on the reading list of as many people as possible. It is an eye-opening and hopefully heart-opening story – or rather a document of sorts – about how the right to, among others, one’s own body is not everyone’s privilege.
– Kaisa Koski in Hämeen Sanomat newspaper






Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Logbook of Love
Väärässä olemisen historia
Siltala, August 2023, 267 pp.

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis
Finnish edition

36 Urns
A History of Being Wrong

Sirpa Kähkönen

A masterpiece, which is worth living for

A celebrated author’s masterful and poetic confession of love to her mother

✓  #1 Bestseller in Finland in printed books with more than 55,000 copies sold!

✓  Winner of the Finlandia Prize of 2023! Nominated for the Runeberg Prize of 2024 and the Savonia Prize of 2023!

✓  For readers of Elizabeth Strout, Tove Ditlevsen, Moa Martinson, and Natalia Ginzburg! Rights sold to 6 territories and counting!

✓  Sirpa Kähkönen has been nominated for the Nordic Council Literary Prize and five times for Finlandia Prize, is the two-time winner of the Savonia Prize and has received the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s grand prize!

Author Sirpa Kähkönen’s mother Riitta (b. 1941) died in March 2022 after a long illness. In life, she struggled to accept love. “I do not grieve your death, I grieve your life,” Sirpa Kähkönen writes, knowing fully well that her mother wouldn’t like the phrase. Her mother rejected love, despite longing for it the most. Riitta was athletic, beautiful, and gifted. A traffic accident at the age of 16 changed the course of her life for ever.

Drawing on her mother’s diaries, Kähkönen depicts the life of a 1950s girl and the dramatic change that followed the accident. The novel talks about community dance halls, a broken mind, flowing hems, a 1960s mother, anxiety, anger and hate, addiction, and moments of psychosis. It talks about how wars and other crises become corporeal, how violence is inherited, and how the culture of discouragement and submission is passed down through the generations in sayings and attitudes, with the author clearly seeing herself as part of the tradition of anger and violence.

The novel is permeated by a fiery love, as if an ancient Finnish spell that, with the power of words, is capable of bringing loved ones back from the dead.

The work helped me to empathize with the life of another person. It touched me, causing an emotional avalanche. The impact of the book is comparable to a well-targeted blow to the chest. [—] The book is a skillful literature work, perceptive and insightful. Confession-like. The prose is clear and precise. [—] The personal experience of the author grows into a universal reach, and she finds something globally applicable about humans, hate, anger, lies, hope, dreams and their crumbling, death. The world is not only what one can see. This brings forth a masterpiece, which is worth living for.
– Jorma Uotinen, Finlandia Literature Prize of 2023 grand juror




Rights sold:

FINLAND: Siltala (orig.)
ESTONIA: Koolibri
GERMANY: Blessing (PRH)
SWEDEN: Lind & Co

Logbook of Love
Otava, September 2023, 380 pp.

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis
Finnish edition

The Investigations of a Certain Cat

Katja Kettu

Katja Kettu’s stunning novel spins through ages whilst surrendering to the wilderness of nature and the deep yearning for offspring.

✓  A fascinating combination of autofiction and elements of magical realism!

✓  A critical success, a novel in which the power of words brings justice to the world, by one of Finland’s most internationally acclaimed authors!

✓  Rights sold to 10 territories and counting! A bestseller in Finland with more than 11,000 copies sold!

✓  Katja Kettu’s works have been sold to 24 territories!

Can one find solace and meaning in life from the past once the future no longer exists?

An Author has a miscarriage and loses their ability to speak and write. From the Investigative Bureau of Heavens, a Detective is sent to the scene, but something goes awry. Soon, in the corner of the room, there appears Cat who starts examining a mysterious diary that once belonged to the Author’s Great Grandmother.

When a new life has been lost, the Author turns their gaze to the past and to the age-old words of creation in the old Finnish outskirts. The one who knows them, Great Grandmother, has the power of healers. The Great Grandmother’s diary sheds light on birth and death, love towards children, and the strength of heritage in one’s blood.

Combining autofiction and elements of magical realism, Katja Kettu’s latest novel also sheds light on the history of the Finnish frontiers.

Katja Kettu has written a wonderful novel in which the power of words brings justice to the world. It isn’t harmless or beautiful, but the novel approaches words as a form of magic. [–] And what about the cat and its investigations? “Let the Cat come, let it take over my novel. I’m the one who’s weak here. Cats know a lot and care about little.” The Cat takes over the novel and is turned into a novel, and now it sticks out, funny and teasing, and difficult in so many ways.
– Maaria Ylikangas, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper
Already the first scenes of Katja Kettu’s novel are luscious. [–] The novel has a feeling of rebirth. Kettu not only describes the return of the author’s own voice but also shows it in practice, in her own text. It carries with it a ferocious desire for creation. [–] What can one say of humans, the relationships between them, the world around them? With what language and narration? These are the things that matter most for a reader. Kettu describes in line with the motto of the book “who has the word, has the power” the phases of her family but also her own experiences of childlessness, relationships, writing and the desire for isolation it brings. The reading experience is powerful.
Parnasso literary magazine

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
DENMARK: Lindhardt og Ringhof
ESTONIA: Koolibri
GERMANY: Weissbooks
HUNGARY: Gondolat
ITALY: Mondadori
NORWAY: Pax Forlag
ROMANIA: Humanitas Fiction
SWEDEN: Albert Bonniers

Logbook of Love
WSOY, August 2023, 227 pp.

Reading material:
Finnish edition
Full English translation

The Logbook of Love

Elina Hirvonen

What’s love all about? In Elina Hirvonen´s new novel, The Logbook of Love, conversations about love form a sea of connections among people from wildly different backgrounds and places.

✓  A novel for fans of Rachel Cusk, Jenny Offill and Deborah Levy

✓  Elina Hirvonen’s debut novel When I Forgot was nominated for the Finlandia Prize and the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize of 2005 – and made the front page of The New York Times Book Review

✓  In 2023, Elina Hirvonen received the WSOY Literary Foundation Award, recognizing the artistic independence and high standards of her writing

✓  Full English manuscript of The Logbook of Love now available!

What’s love all about?

When Elina Hirvonen’s literary debut When I Forgot (Tin House/Portobello Books) was published in English, it made the cover of the New York Times Book Review in 2009 – extremely rare for a first novel in translation. Fast forward to 2023, and the award-winning author and filmmaker’s newest novel Rakkauksien lokikirja (“The Logbook of Love”) has been published in Finnish to rave reviews.

The first in a trilogy, The Logbook of Love takes readers on a compelling journey into the restorative powers of love from Finland to Zambia, Iraq, Afghanistan and points further afield.

In Helsinki, a city silenced by the global pandemic, the narrator tries to ward off the darkness as she walks through the empty streets by gathering people’s stories of love. Searching for meaning, hope and joy, she meets with friends and strangers, moves between the past and present, shifts from country to country. Everywhere she goes, she talks with others about love: romantic love, the love for justice and human rights, marital love, parental love, the love that can bind friends from different cultures and backgrounds – and the love that, no matter how powerful it is, sometimes fails to bridge the gaps between people.

That fall I began to fear my growing sense of depression would take away my ability to find meaning and I would no longer be able to write. For if I lose written words, what will I be left with? As I search for something that feels important, the word ‘love’ comes to mind. Could I ward off my dark thoughts by writing about love in all of its forms? What are all the things that love could be in this world? As darkness falls, I search for light by opening the file I’ve saved as ‘The Logbook of Love.’”

This struggle between love’s sadness and ecstasy, between love’s brightness and shadows, is felt in every chapter of the book. Hirvonen writes about people beautifully and touchingly, greatly appreciating each and every one. The narrative is documentary-like, but it is beautified by a sense of relevance, warmth and presence. Despite the grim, heavy world it depicts, The Logbook of Love is joyful and light.
– Outi Hytönen in Suomen Kuvalehti magazine
An exquisite meditation on human fragility, connection, and our yearning to find love, even in the midst of a global pandemic, even in a world on fire. Hirvonen weaves together impossibly disparate, intimate stories of her friends strewn across the globe [—]. These stories are told with such compassion and love that despite the bitter struggles, the reader is left with a sense of hope. In a time of global division, this book is an essential reminder of all that unites us.
– Anu Partanen, author of The Nordic Theory of Everything, HarperCollins

Rights sold:

WORLD ARABIC: Logha Publishing

New in Crime & Thrillers

Tammi, September 2024, 350 pp.

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis
Finnish manuscript


Max Seeck

New York Times Bestselling and Spiegel Bestselling Author

Milo, a criminal profiler and art gallery owner struggling with sexual frustration needs to understand the game of chess better in order to catch a killer.

✓ Solar Films will adapt Milo to an international TV series for global distribution, with development starting in 2024 and a planned release in 2025!

✓ Rights to Milo have been sold pre-publication to Bastei Lübbe in Germany, Aschehoug in Norway, and Mera Éditions in France!

✓ Max Seeck won the prestigious Glass Key Award 2023 for The Last Grudge!

✓ Max Seeck’s books have sold over 400,000 copies in Finland!

Milo, a 38-year-old art enthusiast, gallery owner and criminal profiler struggles with sexual frustration that are both the cause and consequence for his marital problems with his wife Ronja. A body of a young woman is found painted in all-white representing a piece of chess. The chief inspector receives an anonymous letter with a short message: Bxc6. This indicates a chess move and along the location where the body was found the investigators feel that more chess moves might be on the way.

Milo struggles to form a clear picture of the killer. He soon understands that in order to help the police force to catch the killer he needs to understand the game of chess better. As much as he hates it, he decides to face the ghost of the past: her mother’s former partner Stanislav who happens to be a European champion in chess…

MILO is a psychological suspense novel with surprising twists and interesting facts about the game of chess. It’s also a story of complex human relationships, sex and issues people are facing when they approach the middle-age. The novel also covers a lot of art and other cultural references, maintaining the erotic vibe that stems from Milo’s and Ronja’s sexual adventures.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
FRANCE: Mera éditions
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe
NORWAY: Aschehoug
FILM & TV: Solar Films Inc. Oy
WSOY, August 2023, 366pp.

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis
Series presentation
Finnish edition

River Delta #5: The Liberator

Arttu Tuominen

Henning Mankell meets Stephen King! Arttu Tuominen’s unique human touch and excellence in depicting characters combined with shocking horror elements brings originality to Nordic Noir.

✓  International success – River Delta series has sold to 7 territories! Each novel can be read as a standalone.

✓ Arttu Tuominen is a Palle Rosenkrantz Prize-winning and a Spiegel Bestselling author! He was shortlisted for the Glass Key Awards 2021, a nominee Book Beat Finland’s Best Finnish Crime Author 2021-2023 and won the ‘Clue of the Year’ Crime Novel of the Year Award 2020.

The charred body of a man is discovered on a sports field in Pori. The victim had been doused with petrol and set on fire. Suspicions are directed at a group of young adults known to have harassed rough sleepers in the past. When a second arson attack is caught on CCTV, the Pori police are forced to take the attacks seriously as rumours on the street talk of a ‘liberator’ offering the wretched eternal life and freedom from pain.

The investigation takes the police deep into the world of the marginalised: nocturnal streets, drug dens, forest camps, bridge underpasses, and night shelters. Detective Susanna Manner, who leads the investigation, has a secret: her son is a rough sleeper involved in a serious crime. Manner is faced with the impossible dilemma: to put her child or her job first?

Internationally bestselling author Arttu Tuominen delivers a new crime novel with a strong social conscience, taking readers into the Pori night in all its colourful lights and inhabitants, tattooing it on to the reader’s skin.

THE LIBERATOR is the fifth book in the acclaimed ‘River Delta’ series, which has seen commercial success and garnered praise from readers and critics alike, both at home and abroad. Set in the city of Pori by the Gulf of Bothnia, a Finnish police unit has to solve crimes that force them to consider their own acts and values. In turn, each of the officers of the unit is centered in the narration, having to face their own ghosts from the past. Each novel can be read as a standalone.

Also available:

River Delta #1: The Oath
A touching and engaging crime novel about secrets and guilt. Commissioner Jari Paloviita works on a murder case where the prime suspect is an old friend he feels indebted to.

River Delta #2: Jeopardy
The grenade attack on the restaurant claims casualties – and at the same time threatens to expose Chief Commissioner Herik Oksman’s life-long secret.

River Delta #3: Silenced
Pori police detectives Jari Paloviita, Linda Toivonen and Henrik Oksman are faced with an exceptionally cruel series of crimes against elderly citizens. Soon they are dealing with international crime, and one of the taboos of the Finnish war story is connected to the investigation.

River Delta #4: Shamed
An investigation into a girl’s murder takes the police into the world of predators hiding on the Internet and becomes personal for Senior constable Linda Toivonen, whose daughter knew the young victim.

They are fierce, these Finns, and this year, one of their best crime writers, Arttu Tuominen is awarded the Rosenkrantz Prize for Sendebuddet (Jeopardy) […] Tuominen’s writing is like moonshine when writing about brutally bitter souls.
– Palle Rosenkrantz Prize jury statement

With The Liberator, Tuominen has written his best detective novel so far. This is a great achievement, as the level has been excellent since the beginning of the Delta series
– Taika Dahlbom in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper



Rights sold to River Delta Series:

DENMARK: Modtryk (6 books)
FRANCE: La Martinière (4 books)
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe (5 books)
ITALY: Piemme (2 books)
NETHERLANDS: De Fontein (6 books)
SLOVENIA: Litera (3 books)
SWEDEN: Lind & Co (3 books)

FILM & TV: Lucy Loves Drama

Tuomas Niskakangas: Kotka
Otava, April 2024, 363pp.

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis
Finnish edition

Leo Koski #3: The Eagle

Tuomas Oskari aka Tuomas Niskakangas

A desperate father, an unhinged president, and a conspiracy to change the world.

✓ For fans of Dan Brown and David Baldacci! The Eagle is the third, fully independent book!

✓  A fast-paced international thriller, blended with a murder mystery in the White House.

✓  Inspired by the author’s years in Washington, D.C. as the US correspondent for the largest newspaper in Finland.

✓  Book #1 was chosen as BookBeat Newcomer of the Year 2021!

Former prime minister of Finland Leo Koski is a 39-year-old single dad, done with politics and traumatized by the murder of his true love. As the populist US president Chester Tyler is withdrawing the United States from NATO, Koski is forced to return to the White House for one more meeting.

Things unravel when the president is poisoned. Koski is faced with a horrible choice between his daughter’s life and the security of Europe. With the New York Times reporter Ashley Pegula by his side, Koski has only a few hours to find out who poisoned the president. And why?

Perfect for anyone looking for a smart and fast-paced thriller, The Eagle is the third, fully independent book in the Leo Koski series. The previous titles Their Turn to Burn and The Act of Gladius have been acquired by Bastei Lübbe in Germany and Their Turn to Burn was chosen as the BookBeat Newcomer of the Year for 2021!

Also available:

Leo Koski #1: Their Turn to Burn
A fast-paced political thriller taking place over the course of 25 hours. An economic crisis is dividing Finland and young Prime Minister Leo Koski is caught in a dangerous power play where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Leo Koski #2: The Act of Gladius
The refugee crisis following the economic collapse is pushing tensions in Europe to the extreme. Former Finnish Prime Minister Leo Koski thinks he is an insignificant pensioner at the age of 36, but soon finds himself in the center of a dangerous undercover mission to stop a far-rights extremist group – but who is pulling the strings?

Their Turn to Burn kept the audience in its grip right from the publication. [–] The thriller, set in the Finland of the near future, is a tour de force in sharp and insightful narration whihc makes the reader look forward to the next part.
– BookBeat Award



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe (3 books)


Otava, May 2024, approx. 300 pp.

Reading material:
English synopsis
English & German sample book 1
Series presentation
Finnish ms

The Kristinestad Murders #2: Alone

Kaisu Tuokko

The praised and bestselling crime series continues! The series is planned to have six installments.

✓ Kaisu Tuokko’s debut novel The Kristinestad Murders #1: REVENGE has sold more than 15,000 copies in Finland!

✓  REVENGE was nominated for the BookBeat Newcomer of the Year award of 2023 and is nominated for the Storytel Award of 2023!

An elderly woman is found dead in Kristinestad, malnourished, dirty, and abused. She’s wearing the socks of the local nursing home, but the people there don’t recognise her. No one knows who she is.

Mats, the local police officer, starts investigating the case with his team, but establishing the identity of the murder victim proves tricky. Mats also has issues in his personal life, and same goes for the journalist Eevi, who struggles to get pregnant. While Eevi uncovers harsh truths about the treatment of the elderly in Kristinestad, Mats and his team find another body – and it seems Mats’ brother is also involved in the crime.

The Kristinestad Murders is a new, atmospheric crime series set in a coastal town in Finland, with intriguing main characters and interpersonal relationships. The author Kaisu Tuokko combines the thrilling crime plots with societal issues, and the result hooks the reader. The first installment in the series, REVENGE, sold over 15,000 copies within the first months, and the series is planned to have six installments.

Also available:

The Kristinestad Murders #1: REVENGE
The body of a young man is discovered in the sea, and the criminal investigator Mats Bergholm is responsible for the case. At the same time, journalist Eevi Manner is sent to dig out a scoop of the event for the local newspaper. Both are surprised to find each other on the grim beach: the two have a past together – a past which they now need to set aside to solve the case.

Will Kaisu Tuokko’s Kristinestad be Finland’s equivalent to Camilla Läckberg’s Fjällbacka or Mari Jungstedt’s Visby? [—] The key thing is that Tuokko succeeds in creating excitement and suspense by bringing up current social phenomena against an idyllic setting.
– Taika Dahlbom in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Takamailla #1
Bazar, February 2024, 400 pp.

Reading material:
English sample and synopsis
Series presentation
Finnish edition

The Outback Series #1: The Island Torn Apart

Joona Keskitalo

The story of twelve steps that plunge the idyllic archipelago in the southwest of Finland into utter chaos.

✓  New crime series by an author hailed as Finnish Jens Lapidus!

✓  An alternative to police procedurals – crimes as seen from the perspective of local people caught up in them

✓  The Island Torn Apart kicks off The Outback crime series set in remote Finnish villages. Each part is a unique story with its own set of characters, creating a series of thriller-like visits to the ends of long dirt roads, unleashing the Finnish mental landscape at its most naked and exotic!

Korppoo: a place where many have died.

It’s a beautiful place – serene, a little piece of paradise – by the name of Korppoo. A place where people offer apple pie to passers-by and lend their tractor to their neighbors. Where everyone greets each other, joys are shared and grudges are borne forever. Then, Jennifer from Helsinki buys a guest marina on the island and brings death with her.

Sigge Boman, an embittered ferryman who lost the family boat to gambling, decides to get his own back. However, his liquor-soaked revenge expedition takes an unexpected turn when a floating corpse gets caught up on the bow of Sigge’s miserable outboard motorboat. He peers to look, stumbles, and sinks into the icy depths, clinging on tightly to the stiff body. He is rescued at the last minute and his drunken bungling is misinterpreted as a heroic rescue attempt. For the first time in his life, Sigge is appreciated – and that’s easy to get hooked on.

Meanwhile, a new inn owner arrives on the island, the good-hearted Jennifer who brings death with her. Empty boats drift on the sea and a feeling of unease spreads among the islanders. Are these strange events just chance, or is everything somehow linked to Jennifer’s high-flying plans? Or is it the three Russians snapping up properties in the area at an ever-faster pace?

The Island Torn Apart promises the reader at least one thing – when the earth’s crust tears, things will be revealed that no one would have dared to dig out.

Keskitalo does completely his own thing. He is the most original of [Finland’s] thriller authors and now also shows that he is the most adaptable. [–] The narration is as dynamic and with switching points-of-view as in the previous titles. And the slow but inevitable tightening of the screw in terms of suspense keeps one hooked till the very end.
– Kai Hirvasnoro in Kansan uutiset newspaper

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Bazar (orig.)

WSOY, December 2023, 271 pp.

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Finnish edition

Meet Me in the Darkness

Martta Kaukonen

Nothing is as it seems.

✓  Sequel to the internationally bestselling and critically acclaimed Follow the Butterfly!

✓  Rights to Follow the Butterfly have been sold to 15 territories, including UK & US! Film & TV rights sold to Legendary-Tobis!

Four years have passed since the events of Follow the Butterfly. Ira and Arto have teamed up, and both work as crime journalists for the Helsinki Today. Everything’s going nicely, until Ira starts suspecting there’s a serial killer on the loose in Helsinki.

The murders are investigated by Senior Crime Inspector Kerttu Leppänen, who leads the murder unit and eagerly waits for retirement. Unsolved cases haunt Kerttu, who is unable to forgive herself.

The past catches up with all of them – if they were ever free from its clutches in the first place…

Martta Kaukonen wrote a captivatingly intellectual book that is suitable for even the most hardened crime reader. [–] Martta Kaukonen’s second novel Meet Me in the Darkness is a celebration of surprises. [–] Kaukonen’s most skillful magic trick is in the joy of surprise, which she erupts as she betrays the expectations she has created for the reader.
–Taika Dahlbom in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

Rights sold:

GERMANY: Heyne (2-book deal)
GREECE: Psichogios (2-book deal)
HUNGARY: Partvonal (2-book-deal)
POLAND: Czarna Owca (2-book deal)
UNITED KINGDOM: Pushkin Press (2-book deal)
UNITED STATES: Pushkin Press (2-book deal)

WSOY, March 2021, 471 pp.

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German edition
Finnish edition

Follow the Butterfly

Martta Kaukonen

There’s a killer on the couch. An addictive psychological thriller in the spirit of Gillian Flynn!

✓  Nominated for the Glass Key Award 2024!

✓  An international bestseller by author, film critic and ex-journalist Martta Kaukonen, sold in 16 territories!

✓  A Spiegel Bestseller in Germany with more than 23,500 copies sold!

✓  US & UK release in March 2024 by Pushkin Press! English edition available!

✓  A critical success and bestseller in Finland with close to 10,000 copies sold! A Savonia Prize nominee!

✓  Film & TV Rights acquired by Legendary Tobis!

Ira, 20, a serial killer who was abducted as a child, starts therapy with celebrity therapist Clarissa. Only one of them knows that they share a mutual secret from the past. Will the other one realize it before she gets murdered?

Clarissa is a middle-aged psychotherapist, the best in her field. Everyone knows who she is from her TV appearances and from glossy magazines. For her, every patient is a princess. And someone only she can save. Or can she? Clarissa already has one suicide to answer for; a teenage boy’s death never ceases to haunt her. When Ira becomes Clarissa’s patient, a cat-and-mouse game begins in which rules are followed by no one. The kind of game that never ends well.

German series production company Legendary Tobis TV, a Joint Venture between leading German producer-distributor Tobis and the Los Angeles based Legendary Entertainment, has acquired the rights to Follow The Butterfly and will develop it into a German language series.

We are very excited to start working on “THERAPIERT” (Follow the Butterfly) by Martta Kaukonen, which is one of the most thrilling debuts of this year. With its strong female characters and surprising twists, it is perfect for a series adaption
– Isabel Hund CEO of Legendary Tobis
Breathlessly plotted, deviously constructed, and brought to vivid, twisted life by an antiheroine for the ages… An utterly beguiling debut. This isn’t just a thriller you sink your teeth into—it’s a thriller that sinks its teeth right back into you.
– Elizabeth Little, author of Pretty as a Picture, US



Rights sold:

CZECH REPUBLIC: Kniha Zlin/Albatros
GERMANY: Heyne (2-book deal)
GREECE: Psichogios (2-book deal)
HUNGARY: Partvonal (2-book-deal)
ITALY: Longanesi
LATVIA: Jumava
POLAND: Czarna Owca (2-book deal)
UNITED KINGDOM: Pushkin Press (2-book deal)
UNITED STATES: Pushkin Press (2-book deal)
WORLD ARABIC: Al Arabi Publishing
WORLD ENGLISH (Audio): Audible

Otava, April 2024, 400 pp.

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English sample in May 2024
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Finnish editions

Saana Havas #4: How to Face Death

Elina Backman

The lovely summer scenery is twisted by a desire for revenge.

✓  Elina Backman is one of Finland’s bestselling fiction authors!

✓  International TV series in development!

✓  Elina Backman’s books have sold over 100,000 copies in Finland!

Saana Havas is spending midsummer with her Aunt Inkeri in Kaunissaari, Kotka, renovating her aunt’s friend’s villa and getting to know the mysterious neighborhood. When the midsummer celebrations end fatally, the dark history of the island begins to unravel.

The summer plans of Saana’s boyfriend, police officer Jan Leino, are changed by the murder of a Finnish art collector in Nice. The message left by the murderer puts Jan on his toes. Will there be more victims? And how is everything related to a long-forgotten death?

Elina Backman’s Saana Havas series has charmed readers in Finland and abroad, selling to 17 territories. Her debut, ALL THE KING’S MEN, immediately prompted the press to call her a new star in the crime scene. The previous three books in the series have all been bestsellers.

Also available:

Book #1: All the King’s Men
Saana Havas has been fired from her job as a click-bait journalist, so she decides to spend a summer with her aunt in a small-town Hartola. It sounds like a perfect opportunity to take it easy and recover – until she comes across a case of a teenage girl who died 30 years earlier and starts investigating. Meanwhile in Helsinki, crime investigator Jan Leino and his team look into a murder case where a fire-marked body is found at Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. Eventually, Saana and Jan’s paths cross – for more than one reason.

Book #2: Still Waters Run Deep
Three young men are making a documentary film about a mystical hermit, living in the Isle of Sheep in Helsinki. First one of them disappears, then another one. When one of them is found dead in the nearby nature reserve, police commissioner Jan Leino and his team become involved. Saana Havas, recovering from burnout, hears that her colleague’s younger brother has gone missing and decides to set up a true crime podcast to help with the search.

Book #3: Before the Polar Night Falls
A Reindeer Noir crime novel. Saana Havas investigates an unsolved death of a young woman in Northern Lapland in 1998, where the murderer has never been caught. The police have given up on the case, and no witnesses were ever found in an area of Lapland that covers hundreds of kilometers.

A new series with a charming duo in the center [—] The Scandinavians just know how thrillers work.
Ratgeber Frau und Familie, Germany



Rights sold to Saana Havas Series:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
ALBANIA: Dritan (1 book)
CZECH REPUBLIC: Grada (1 book)
DENMARK: Gyldendal (3 books)
ESTONIA: Varrak (2 books)GERMANY: Piper Verlag (3 books)
FRANCE: HarperCollins France (1 book)
HUNGARY: Maxim (2 books)
ITALY: Newton Compton (2 books)
NETHERLANDS: De Bezige Bij/Cargo (2 books)
NORWAY: Cappelen Damm (2 books)
POLAND: Czarna Owca (2 books)
ROMANIA: Lebada Neagra (1 book)
RUSSIA: Mann, Ivanov and Ferber (2 books)
SLOVAKIA: Arkus (3 books)
SWEDEN: Bokfabriken (3 books)

FILM & TV RIGHTS: Aurora Studios

Tuulia Raja #3
Tammi, March 2024, 288 pp.

Reading material:
English synopsis (books 1-3)
English sample (book 1)
Finnish edition

Tuulia Raja, Private Eye #3: The Focal Point

Pauliina Susi

Kisses and crimes in a hot summer town where bodies pile up faster than ice cream orders

✓  New series by a praised and award-winning crime author combines a murder mystery with witty dialogue and relationship drama like no other!

✓  Over 12,000 copies in the series sold in Finland!

✓  For fans of Janet Evanovich and the TV show The Flight Attendant!

The summer’s city festival begins on a tragic note as a young man dies of an allergic reaction in front of the private eye Tuulia Raja. The local pizzeria owners are suspected, and the residents of the small town do not react positively. Soon the situation escalates: something burns on the boulevard, and eventually, a body is found on the festival stage. Tuulia Raja’s skills are once again needed! But can she figure out who wants to destroy the summer idyll and why?

The Tuulia Raja books have charmed readers and critics alike. The murder mysteries are gripping, with exuberant humor and a dash of romance. The events take place in southern Finland, in and around the small town of Järvenpää. Each book has its own criminal case. The arc of the series centers on Tuulia, a forty-year-old flight attendant, and her progress as a professional private detective under the tutelage of her eccentric boss Yrjö Rahkonen.

Also available:

Tuulia Raja, Private Eye #1: Private Property
Tuulia Raja is a resourceful flight attendant who keeps calm even in the worst of pickles. But when her employer is declared bankrupt, it is time to search for new horizons. A chance encounter leads her to meet with a private investigator, and in no time she is investigating the last moments of a now-dead business mogul.

Tuulia Raja, Private Eye #2: Electric Atmosphere
Starting her career as a private detective, Tuulia Raja is contacted by her childhood friend whose nude pictures have been leaked online.The situation becomes more electrified when one of Tuulia’s acquaintances, a gym entrepreneur, is found lifeless. Soon, Tuulia finds herself in the middle of a showdown within the local small-town underworld.

The premise of a flight attendant turned private investigator is pleasantly original. The funniest aspects of the novel are the conversations between Tuulia and her senior detective mentor which remind a little bit of the 1980s hit series Moonlighting.
Helsingin Sanomat newspaper



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

Otava, December 2023, 282 pp.

Reading material:
English synopsis (books 1-3)
English sample (books 1 and 2)
Finnish edition

Ronja Vaara #3: Flee Before the Dawn

Eeva Louko

Bestselling crime series, locked-room mysteries, and harrowing thrills. To be read in one sitting.

✓  Eeva Louko’s books have sold over 40,000 copies and received glowing reviews!

✓  Rights sold in 5 territories and counting!

✓  A crime series for millennials: surprising twists and relationship drama!

Ronja, Milla and Ansku together with their partners decide on a weekend getaway on the island of the historical Bengtskär lighthouse to enjoy sauna and relax. Milla also wants to introduce her new partner, a celebrity businessman.

The group barely has time to raise a toast before the mini getaway turns into a big nightmare. An autumn storm wreaks havoc, and Milla is missing as the women are meant to go to the sauna. The storm makes searching for Milla hard and cuts off the connection to the mainland. As the night advances, it becomes painfully clear that Milla’s disappearance is only the beginning.

Eeva Louko’s Ronja Vaara series was an immediate hit in Finland upon its publication in 2022, with the debut MURDER ON THE ISLE OF BLISS selling over 25,000 copies and the sequel LAND OF SERPENTS being a bestseller with over 10,000 copies sold and critically acclaimed as well. The friendships between women in their 30s and 40s and the relatability of their everyday life combined with thrilling plotlines is a combination that is hard to put down.

Also available:

Ronja Vaara #1: Murder on the Isle of Bliss
After living abroad for many years, thirty-something Ronja returns to her childhood home in Lauttasaari, Helsinki after her father is found murdered by the seaside. Welcoming her back are a group of old friends and the young police officer assigned to the case who does not seem to be doing his work properly. Using the skills she’s learned from working as a journalist, Ronja starts investigating herself.

Ronja Vaara #2: Land of Serpents
When the body of a young woman is found on Käärmesaari (Serpent Island) near Helsinki, Ronja’s new boss at the local newspaper senses an opportunity to make the newspaper the prime source for any information on the case. Reluctantly, Ronja contacts the chief investigator Anton Koivu, who is surprisingly willing to leak confidential information to Ronja – if she does him a favor in return. Soon, another death shocks the people of Lauttasaari and a surprising guest from the past throws the investigation off balance.

The author masterfully conveys the sensation of fear, ominous expectations, and complex human psychology and the novel keeps the reader strongly in its leash because, as is customary with crime novels, the author shows you pieces of a puzzle but gives no hints which of these fit the picture.
–Jaan Martinson in Raamatublogi book blog on news portal Delfi, Estonia



Rights sold to Ronja Vaara Series:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
ESTONIA: Hea Lugu (2 books)
GERMANY: Heyne (1 book)
ITALY: Newton Compton (1 book)
POLAND: Czwarta Strona (1 book)

Otava, March 2024, 350 pp.

Reading material:
English synopses book 1-3
English sample (book 1)
Series presentation
Finnish edition

Lili Flame Investigates #3: The Case of the Girls’ Orphanage

Laura Andersson

The feel-good crime series with vivid scenery, strong characters and gripping cases!

✓  An atmospheric mystery series reminiscent of old-time detective novels but with a queer angle!

✓  For fans of Agatha Christie, Alan Bradley, and Richard Osman

The hot summer of 1947 gets a chilling twist as the body of a young boy is found near a girl’s orphanage, and Lili is asked to investigate. Soon she finds out that one of the residents of the home has also gone missing. The home and its residents are subjected to strict rules – has the girl run away, or is she also a victim of a crime? In the fear-filtered atmosphere it is tricky to distinguish between truth and the lies. To balance things out, Lili spends time among artists in Helsinki, who are ready to leave the war behind and embrace the future.

The Lili Flame Investigates series has been compared to Agatha Christie as well as to the Inspector Palmu series by Mika Waltari. Set in post-war Helsinki, the expressive narration and the charismatic characters have charmed readers – the two previous titles have been received with adoration!

Also available:

Lili Flame Investigates #1: Murder at the Mansion
Post-war Helsinki is full of people looking to build a new life, and Lili Flame, who spent the war years in the US as a housemaid, is among them. However, the housekeeping gets swept aside when Lili breaks away from the traditional womanly roles of her time and begins a career as a private eye solving crimes which are too sensitive for the police. Lili gets help from her husband, a gay man who’s becoming a companion like no other – even if the true nature of their marriage has to be kept a secret. The first case leads her to the party of a rich corporate family.

Lili Flame Investigates #2: The Mystery of the Circus Woman
Lili and her husband are excited to see an unusual performance visiting Helsinki: a troupe of female wrestlers from America! But after the show, chaos erupts: One of the star performers has been shot – and struck with a knife. Why two methods of killing? Could there be two murderers, too?The Helsinki police are not particularly interested in investigating the foreign woman’s murder, but Lili and Riku won’t give up.

The narration flows swiftly, and the location of post-war Helsinki feels fresh. Lili is a heroine well suited there: a woman of the new era with her own will and a quick wit.
– Salla Stotesbury, Kodin Kuvalehti magazine, Finland



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

Backlist – Literary Fiction

Förlaget, August 2022, 371 pp.