Otava, May 2021, 360 pp.

English sample & synopsis


by A.M. Ollikainen

The first book in a new fast-paced and addictive Nordic Noir series. A.M. Ollikainen is Finland’s Lars Kepler!

  • Winner of a National Crime Novel Competition

A cargo container is found, washed up on the shore in Helsinki with a dead body inside.The property where the container is discovered, belongs to one of the most notorious businessmen in Finland. As Police Commissioner Paula Pihlaja begins to investigate the case, traces lead back to the businessman’s family, revealing decades of suspicious business ventures in Africa.

Meanwhile, Paula’s own personal life is shaken by old memories that are now surfacing following recent events.When she was younger, she had to give her baby up for adoption. The boy, her son, is now in his twenties and facing a murder charge. Not only is Paula tormented by her own guilt about the adoption, she is also worried about what will become of her son.





FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
CZECH REPUBLIC: Host (2-book-deal)
DENMARK: Svane & Bilgrav (2-book deal)
ESTONIA: Varrak (2-book-deal)
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe (2-book-deal)
HUNGARY: Animus (2-book deal)
LATVIA: Zvaigzne (2-book–deal)
LITHUANIA: Baltos Lanko (5-book-deal)
NETHERLANDS: HarperCollins Holland (2-book-deal)
NORWAY: Aschehoug (2-book-deal)
POLAND: Czarna Owca (2-book-deal)
SLOVENIA: Didakta (2-book-deal)
SWEDEN: Bokfabriken (2-book deal)
TURKEY: April (2-book-deal)


Otava, June 2021, 400 pp.

English synopsis


Still Waters Run Deep

by Elina Backman

Is evil lurking beneath the calm waters? Still Waters Run Deep is an awaited sequel to the bestselling All the King’s Men!

  • International TV series in development!

Three young men are making a documentary film about a mystical hermit, living in the Isle of Sheep in Helsinki. First one of them disappears, then another one. When one of them is found dead in the nearby nature reserve, the police becomes involved.

Saana Havas, recovering from burnout, hears that her  colleague’s younger brother has gone missing and decides to set up a true crime podcast to help with the search. Meanwhile, police commissioner Jan Leino and his team are investigating the disappearance and possible murder of the documentary makers.

When young men disappear and die, it’s often regarded just an accident. But could it be that someone is actually hunting for them?


”The clever plot hooks you immediately, and the mystery untangles piece by piece until the surprising end. We can hardly wait for the sequel!” – Helena Niemelä, Business Director of Elisa Kirja Audiobook service 





FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

ESTONIA: Varrak (2-book deal)
GERMANY: Piper Verlag (2-book deal)
NETHERLANDS: De Bezige Bij/Cargo (2-book deal)
NORWAY: Cappelen Damm (2-book-deal)
SWEDEN: Bokfabriken (2-book-deal)

FILM & TV RIGHTS: Aurora Studios


Otava, May 2020, 495 pp.


English sample, synopsis, media kit

All the King’s Men

(a.k.a. When The King Dies)

by Elina Backman

Beginning of a new detective series  already an international hit!

  • Rights sold to 13 countries and counting.
  • Immediate bestseller in Finland! Amazing reviews! 
  • International TV series in development!

Saana has been fired from her job as a click-bait journalist, so she decides to spend a summer with her aunt in a small-town Hartola. It sounds like a perfect opportunity to take it easy and recover. But when Saana begins to dig into a case of a teenage girl who died 30 years earlier, the peace of the small town is shaken.

Meanwhile in Helsinki a fire-marked body is be found at Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, and crime investigator Jan Leino and his team have a new case in their hands. However, the investigation isn’t going anywhere, and Jan fears that the murder at King’s Gate a is just the beginning…

Saana and Jan continue working on their own cases until their paths cross – for more than one reason.


“A Star is Born.” – Iltalehti, Finland



FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
ESTONIA: Varrak (2-book deal)
GERMANY: Piper Verlag (2-book deal)
ITALY: Newton Compton
NETHERLANDS: De Bezige Bij/Cargo (2-book deal)
NORWAY: Cappelen Damm (2-book-deal)
POLAND: Czarna Owca
RUSSIA: Mann, Ivanov, Ferber
SWEDEN: Bokfabriken (2-book-deal)

FILM & TV RIGHTS: Aurora Studios


Tammi, August 2021, 395 pp.


Full English translation in September 2021, Finnish edition in May 2021 

Bad Blood

by Max Seeck, New York Times Bestselling Author

Jessica Niemi #3

  • A sequel to The Ice Coven and The Witch Hunter – a New York Times Bestseller

A prominent business executive Eliel Rosenström is found brutally murdered in his home in Helsinki. The company he led has just announced drastic cutbacks and Rosenström gained hundreds of enemies and death threats in the process.

But the murder motive become less clear, when the police finds out that the murderer had other targets as well. The only clue the police has is a photo of Rosenström with three other men, whose faces are all scratched off. Who are the faceless men, and why can’t the police identify them? Are they other victims? Or something more sinister?

While Jessica Niemi suffers from a mental breakdown after her encounter with the witch coven, Jusuf gets a chance to lead the investigations and prove his skills as a police officer, while helping Jessica battle her demons that seem to come closer and closer…



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
DENMARK: Gutkind (Books 3&4)
ESTONIA: Pegasus
GERMANY: Bastei Lubbe
NORWAY: Aschehoug
UNITED KINGDOM: Welbeck Publishing UK (Books 3&4)
UNITED STATES: Berkley/Penguin Random House (Books 3&4)


Tammi, September 2020, 395 pp.


Full English translation

The Ice Coven

(a.k.a. Evil’s Net)

by Max Seeck, New York Times Bestselling Author

Jessica Niemi #2

Detective Jessica Niemi has to follow clues hidden on Instagram to save the life of a missing blogger. But is it already too late? Chilling Nordic Noir with hooks and twists that won’t let you put the book down!

  • A standalone sequel to New York Times Bestseller, The Witch Hunter – rights sold to 40 countries and Hollywood

Detective Jessica Niemi and her team have a new mystery on the table: a young woman’s corpse has been found on an icy beach, and two famous Instagram influencers have gone missing at the same time. One of the missing bloggers is a manga artist, and the dead woman found on the beach is dressed in a manga outfit – the two cases seem to be strangely connected.

While following the clues that are hidden deeply in Instagram Jessica struggles to keep her head clear. She keeps having repeating nightmares about her mother. And she has a feeling that something really awful is approaching her from the darkness…


“I was convinced that Max did not just want to tell a dramatic story. I was certain that he had a vision. A vision to add something extraordinary to the world of thrillers and crime fiction, something that I have not seen in a suspense novel for many, many years. Bastei Lübbe is proud and honored to share Max‘ vision as his German publisher.” – Marco Schneiders, Publishing Director, Bastei Lübbe AG, Germany

“One of the best suspense books I have read. Ever. Absolutely thrilling, well-written and oh-so-hard-to put down. Read it! –  Emelie Schepp, award-winning, internationally bestselling Swedish author 

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
ALBANIA: Muza (2-book deal)
ARABIC: Arab Scientific Publishers (World Arabic, 2-book deal)
BELGIUM: A.W. Bruna (2-book deal)
BULGARIA: EMAS (2-book deal)
CANADA: Berkley/Penguin Random House (2-book deal)
CZECH REPUBLIC: Grada (2-book deal)
DENMARK: Gutkind (2-book-deal)
ESTONIA: Pegasus (3-book deal)
FRANCE: Michel Lafon (2-book deal)
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe (2-book deal)
GREECE: Livani (2-book deal)
HUNGARY: Animus (2-book deal)
LATVIA: Latvijas Mediji (2-book deal)
MACEDONIA: Matica (2-book deal)
NETHERLANDS: A.W. Bruna (2-book deal)
NORWAY: Aschehoug (2-book deal)
POLAND: Sonia Draga (2-book deal)
PORTUGAL: Bertrand Editora (2-book deal)
ROMANIA: Litera (2-book deal)
SERBIA: Vulkan (2-book deal)
SLOVAKIA: Motyl (2-book-deal)
SLOVENIA: Didakta (2-book deal)
SWEDEN: Albert Bonniers Förlag
UNITED KINGDOM: Welbeck Publishing UK (2-book deal)
UNITED STATES: Berkley/Penguin Random House (2-book deal)


Tammi, 2019, 395 pp.


English edition

The Witch Hunter

(a.k.a. Faithful Reader)

by Max Seeck, New York Times Bestselling Author

Jessica Niemi #1

A book-inspired serial killer is on the loose. Jessica Niemi – a detective with a mysterious past – steps up. A chase for the faithful reader has begun.

  • New York Times Bestseller!
  • International sensation! Sold to 40 countries and Hollywood!

Detective Jessica Niemi is called to investigate an unordinary murder case. The wife of a famous writer, Roger Koponen, seems to have been killed in a bizarre ritual. As more ritual murders occur, it becomes obvious that Jessica is after a serial killer. But the murders are not random – they follow a pattern taken from Roger’s bestselling trilogy. Has a fan gone mad, or is this case more personal?



“ The cat-and-mouse play works! The chaser becomes the chasee in this skillfully written thriller with remarkably good ending.”  – Turun Sanomat newspaper

 ”Seeck has a new style. The Faithful Reader switches from high-octane international excitement to a psychological thriller featuring horror elements.” – Kansan Uutiset newspaper

 “The suspense in this book is the creeping kind, one that makes the reader stay up all night and fear their own shadow. The atmosphere keeps thickening towards the end and the tension builds up until we come to the dramatic end.” – Iltalehti newspaper

 ”What a creepy and well-written thriller! Max Seeck definitely knows how to create tension. I couldn‘t help but rushing through the pages once I started reading this amazing novel – with a very fascinating detective Jessica Niemi and her team. And I loved the setting: Finland in wintertime! It backs up the scary atmosphere in a perfect way. Let’s say it in short: THE FAITHFUL READER is a stirring read!” – Claudia Müller, Editorial Director Fiction, Bastei Lübbe, Germany

“When I was reading THE WITCH HUNTER (a.k.a. Faithful Reader), I was thoroughly transported by the ice-cold Scandinavian setting and all the incredibly creepy twists and turns.  Max Seeck deftly weaves a police procedural with fascinating occult elements and fully realized, compelling characters. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.” – Michelle Vega, Senior Editor, Berkley, An imprint of Penguin Random House, USA

“Even though the weather’s getting colder, we guarantee that the chills you’ll feel running down your spine will be from Max Seeck’s intriguing thriller; so buckle up and get ready for a breathtaking ride as you’ll race against the clock along with detective Jessica Niemi to put together the pieces of this mysterious and deadly puzzle. “ – Alexandra Dram, Rights manager, Litera Publishing house, Romania

“Max is a true master of suspense and when we read THE FAITHFUL READER it was clear that this was meant to be a drama series full of sharp twists and surprises. He’s drawn a dark and terrifying world with a mysterious lead in the center of the storm. This one will keep you up at night.” – JP Sarni, Stampede Ventures’ Head of International Content and Worldwide Content Acquisitions, Los Angeles



Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
ALBANIA: Muza (2-book deal)
ARABIC: Arab Scientific Publishers, (World Arabic, 2-book deal)
ARMENIA: Guitank
BELGIUM, A.W. Bruna (2-book deal)
BULGARIA: EMAS (2-book-deal)
CANADA: Berkley/Penguin Random House (2-book-deal)
CZECH REPUBLIC: Grada (2-book-deal)
DENMARK: Gutkind (2-book-deal)
ESTONIA: Pegasus (3 booksl)
FRANCE: Michel Lafon (2-book-deal)
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe (3 books)
GREECE: Livani (2-book-deal)
HUNGARY: Animus (2-book-deal)
ICELAND: Forlagid
ISRAEL: Tchelet Books
ITALY: Piemme/Mondadori
KOREA: Cheongmirae
LATIN AMERICA: Editorial Maeva/Maeva Noir
LATVIA: Latvijas Mediji (2-book-deal)
LITHUANIA: Baltos lankos
MACEDONIA: Matica (2-book-deal)
NETHERLANDS: A.W. Bruna (2-book-deal)
NORWAY: Aschehoug (4 books)
POLAND: Sonia Draga (2-book-deal)
PORTUGAL: Bertrand Editora (2-book-deal)
ROMANIA: Litera (2-book-deal)
SERBIA: Vulkan (2-book-deal)
SLOVAKIA: Motýľ (2-book-deal)
SLOVENIA: Didakta (2-book-deal)
SPAIN: Editorial Maeva/Maeva Noir
SWEDEN: Albert Bonniers Förlag
TURKEY: Doğan Kitap
UNITED KINGDOM & COMMONWEALTH: Welbeck Publishing UK (2-book deal)
UNITED STATES: Berkley/Penguin Random House (2-book-deal)

FILM & TV RIGHTS: Stampede Ventures (Greg Silverman)


Tammi, 2016, 416 pp.


Tammi, 2017, 408 pp.


Tammi, 2018, 400 pp.



Book 1: Full English PDF

Books 2-3: English samples & synopses

Book 2: Italian edition



Daniel Kuisma Trilogy

by Max Seeck, New York Times Best Selling Author

Jo Nesbø meets Apocalypse Now in the Balkans: An action-packed page-turner about revenge, war, international crime – and love.

  • Over 40.000 copies sold in Finland!
  • The debut thriller of the year winner!


An employee of the Finnish Embassy in Zagreb goes missing. The local police has no leads, and Daniel Kuisma from the Finnish Defence Forces is sent to investigate, along with Annika Lehto from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The investigation gets unexpectedly complicated when the mysteries of the past start to unravel on the stony shores of the Adriatic Sea. Kuisma knows Croatia like the back of his hand from his days as a peacekeeper during the Yugoslav Wars, and it seems he has been waging a war of his own ever since. What really happened twenty years ago?


Missing-presumed-dead Finnish diplomat, Jare Westerlund has fled from Croatia on a forged passport, leaving behind a decapitated body and his trail goes cold at Stockholm airport.

When Interpol officer Annika Lehto hears of his escape, she abandons her sick leave to go off in pursuit of Westerlund, with the aid of special forces specialist Daniel Kuisma. What follows is a dramatic chain of events, from northern Norway, to San Francisco, to The Hague, as the pair continue the chase.  The further their investigations go, the clearer it becomes that the man they are after has not merely gone astray; his true nature is far worse than anyone had imagined . . .



Four men are executed in a Zagreb apartment. The place is owned by the U.K. government, but no one seems to know anything about the case. When Daniel Kuisma receives an unexpected guest from Southern Europe he hears something that makes him board the next plane to Zagreb: the lives of thousands of people might be at risk. Meanwhile Annika Lehto is recovering from an assault, but offers him all the help she can from her sickbed.


”The evil grows so sneakily – I have never read a Finnish thriller with this kind of suspense! Annika Lehto and Daniel Kuisma are here to stay!” – Kotivinkki

”Max Seeck’s trilogy is the best there is in the Finnish thriller field right now.” – Suomen kuvalehti

”Max Seeck’s thriller works perfectly – the trilogy comes to an end in this book that has a plausible plot and well-drawn characters. The Call of Hades is exactly as strong as its predecessors; The Angels  of Hammurabi and The Mephisto Touch, and it is a perfect combination of spy story and action thriller.” – Helsingin Sanomat daily newspaper

“Another star has been added to the firmament of thriller writers.” – Iltalehti

 Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

ESTONIA: Pegasus
GERMANY: Blanvalet (book 1)
ICELAND: Forlagid
ITALY: Newton Compton (book 2)


Tammi, August 2020, 395 pp.


English sample & synopsis

Ripple Effect

by Leena Lehtolainen

Brand new novel by Finland’s most sold female crime author! #1 most requested title in Finnish libraries!

  • 15th book in The Maria Kallio Series: sold over 2 million copies worldwide, translated into 30 languages
  • The New York Times Nordic Noir Guide recommends Maria Kallio Series
  • TV Series in Development!

 Maria Kallio is getting ready for her daughter’s graduation when her cat brings her a human ear. She takes it to the forensic lab and doesn’t think any more of it. Maria and her team are assigned to investigate a rape of a young woman when things start to heat up.

The accused rapist is a young man with an immigrant background, which causes a lot of racism and heated discussions in the papers and media. Angry fathers are organizing a street patrol to keep their daughters safe, and when Rahim is released from the police station, his safety is not guaranteed.

Maria and her team are working to solve a new case, but online trolls are targeting them and doing everything to distract them. But when Maria is almost killed by an earless driver, it makes her wonder if all the harassment is related to the case, or could it be something more personal?



“At the end of the novel, humanity and its diversity are defended in a beautiful way.”

Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
GERMANY: Rowohlt

FILM & TV RIGHTS (Maria Kallio series): tba


Maria Kallio series

Tammi, 1993-2020


English editions Books 1–11,
German editions Books 1–14

Maria Kallio series

by Leena Lehtolainen

Maria Kallio Series has sold over 2,5 million copies worldwide and been translated into 30 languages.

  • The New York Times Nordic Noir Guide recommends Maria Kallio series
  • Maria Kallio TV Series in development!

Finland’s most popular crime series, the Maria Kallio mysteries, follows the career of a tough, down-to-earth and emotionally intelligent police officer who starts working in the Helsinki violent crimes unit. Every book centers around murder, but there are also elements of social issues, and through the series Maria’s personal development is present, as we follow her struggle to balance police work and motherhood.


#1 MY FIRST MURDER (Ensimmäinen murhani, Tammi 1993, 251 pp.)

 When a member of a student choir is found dead, young police sergeant Maria Kallio is given the opportunity to prove herself.


#2 HER ENEMY (Harmin paikka, Tammi 1994, 244 pp.)

Maria Kallio has left the Helsinki police force to work for a law office. When a new acquaintance is found strangled in her home, Maria is pulled back into the world of criminal investigation.


#3 COPPER HEART (Kuparisydän, Tammi 1995, 248 pp.)

Maria has returned to her old home town to serve as the summer replacement for the local sheriff. But her peace is disturbed, first by her old flame, and then by the discovery of a body.


#4 SNOW WOMAN (Luminainen, Tammi 1996, 352 pp.)

Elina Rosberg, the director of a women’s therapy center disappears. Clues point to murder, and the list of suspects includes participants of the current therapy group.


#5 DEATH SPIRAL (Kuolemanspiraali, Tammi 1997, 359 pp.)

A 16-year-old skating sensation is found slain with her own skates. 


#6 FATAL HEADWIND (Tuulen puolella, Tammi 1998, 348 pp.)
Maria Kallio spends a weekend on the island of Rödskär, where one of her former boyfriends fell to his death. Soon another man loses his life.


#7 BEFORE I GO (Ennen lähtöä, Tammi 2000, 375 pp.)

An openly homosexual Green Party politician is savagely beaten: was this a personal grudge, a random act of violence or a hate crime?


#8 BELOW THE SURFACE (Veren vimma, Tammi, 2003, 314 pp.)

When a woman’s body turns up in a lake—with a bullet to the back of her head—Violent Crime Unit commander Maria Kallio, freshly back from maternity leave, is fast to get on the case.


#9 THE NIGHTINGALE MURDER (Rivo Satakieli, Tammi, 2005, 346 pp.)

When well-known prostitute Lulu Nightingale is murdered on live television, Maria dives into the convolutions of sex for hire and politics.


#10 DERAILED (Väärän jäljillä, Tammi, 2008, 378 pp.)

Maria Kallio is called back to investigate the murder of a sports official. The case appears to connect to recent threats against a journalist and a track-and-field doping scandal. A new house and an opportunity to play bass in a rock band with some other cops add some light to Maria’s life.


#11 WHERE HAVE ALL THE YOUNG GIRLS GONE (Minne tytöt kadonneet, Tammi, 2010, 342 pp.)

After returning from Afghanistan with a heavy heart, Maria Kallio starts investigating the mystery of several missing immigrant girls, and one of them turns up dead.


#12 THE IRON TRIANGLE (Rautakolmio, Tammi 2013, 352 pp.)

Two bodies turn up wrapped in plastic out in the archipelago: the man was shot and the woman drowned.


#13 A STROKE OF SADNESS (Surunpotku, Tammi 2015, 432 pp.)

The dead body of a diamond dealer is found at a church. The murderer appears to also have stolen a set of diamonds. The hunt leads the police into an international web of crime.


#14 THE END OF INNOCENCE (Viattomuuden loppu, Tammi 2017, 457 pp.)

Maria begins work in a new unit investigating crimes commited by and affecting minors and youths. When the body of a recently-released serial sex crimes offender is found in an abandoned traffic park in Espoo, Maria has a homicide investigation on her hands.


#15 THE RIPPLE EFFECT (Jälkikaiku, Tammi 2020, 450 pp.)

Maria and her team are working to solve a new case, but online trolls are targeting them and doing everything to distract them. But when Maria is almost killed by an earless driver, it makes her wonder if all the harassment is related to the case, or could it be something more personal?


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
BRAZIL: Autentica
ESTONIA: Pegasus
GERMANY: Rowohlt
GREECE: Livani
JAPAN: Tokyo Sogensha (Books 1-6)
LATVIA: Zvaigzne
TAIWAN: Linking
WORLD ENGLISH: Amazon Crossing





Otava, April 2021, 300 pp.


English sample & synopsis

Swedish Full manuscript



by Koko Hubara

 A groundbreaking debut novel from one of the most interesting authors of the generation. This is the story of a simultaneously close and destructive relationship between a mother and a daughter, and of a desire to belong somewhere while also wanting to break free.

Bechi is in her thirties, and lives in Helsinki, where she is trying to finish her master’s thesis. Her mother Shoshana is a writer of Yemeni Jewish heritage. Her autobiographical novel shocked readers in Finland, but she has also burned all the bridges between her family in Israel.

What’s more, the fate of Shoshana’s brother is forever burned in to the minds of the family’s three generations of women.

When Bechi tells her mother about her pregnancy, many years of tension come to a head. How can two people remember everything so differently? More importantly, what are the things that they would rather forget?




Rights sold:

FINLAND (in Finnish): Otava (orig.)

FINLAND (in Swedish): Förlaget



Otava, 2020, 192 pp.


English sample & synopsis


Arctic Mirage

by Terhi Kokkonen

 When Karo and Risto’s holiday to Lapland ends in a car accident, they are forced to stay at the Arctic Mirage Hotel. Will their relationship survive the next six days? The winner of the Best Debut Novel Award 2020 delivers a literary mystery with a “Twin Peaks” vibe set in Finnish Lapland.

  • Winner of the 2020 Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize – Prestigious award for the best debut novel of the year

Karo and Risto go on holiday in Lapland to give themselves time to fix their stressful marriage. However, on their way back home, they’re involved in a car accident and are subsequently  forced to stay at the only accommodation in the area; Hotel Arctic Mirage. Once inside, they find that the hotel has a rather strange atmosphere and it starts to have a peculiar effect on them. Karo begins to doubt her own memories and tries her best to escape the snowbound hotel holiday village whereas Risto starts to feel strange and refuses to leave.

Arctic Mirage is a strong-spirited, psychological novel about people in exceptional circumstances. It keeps the reader gripped and provides chills on every page.




Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
GERMANY: Hanser Berlin


Förlaget, 2020, 381 pp.

English sample & synopsis
Full Swedish ms



by Ann-Luise Bertell

 A detailed and insightful story of four generations and what it means to be human, set in the heart of the Finnish Ostrobothnian plains

  • Nominated for Finlandia Prize 2020 and Runeberg Prize 2020

When Elof is ten years old, his father dies, leaving him and his little brother Ivar alone at the mercy of their relatives. Fear becomes their companion throughout life – a companion who can only be disciplined by the joy of storytelling, alcohol and women. Elof knows that he is a bit of a coward, but has learned that he must never show fear, especially not in front of others and never to his wife Olga, whom he never really gets close to. Pride is the most important thing to Elof, as is their homestead, Heiman, which is all the family has ever truly owned.

Homestead talks about how love and trauma are passed on from one generation to another. This intense family chronicle asks the question; what is the price you have to pay, if you never get to be yourself? Ann-Luise Bertell writes an epic tale with a great drive, crystallized in scenes with strong sensual sensations, full of rich emotions.




Rights sold:

FINLAND (in Swedish): Förlaget (orig.)
FINLAND (in Finnish): Tammi

Tammi, March 2021, 250 pp.

English sample & synopsis
Spanish sample & synopsis


Irrational Things

by Saara Turunen

 Autofictive story of love, death and life between two countries. Turunen’s funny, witty and melancholic voice examines the contradiction of sense and sensibility.

  • Forthcoming third novel by internationally acclaimed award-winning author, playwright and director

What if you are in love with a good man – a man you have always wanted to fall in love with? But what if this man lives in one country and you in another? Should you be sensible and leave the man to be free and independent? Or should you follow your heart, burn the bridges behind, and go after him?

The narrator travels to Barcelona to study theatre. After a few weeks she falls in love with a local man. Thus begins an intensive relationship that tears her between two countries and two cultures. She learns that relationships are between two individuals who have their own ways of expressing love to others and to themselves.

Turunen’s novel paints a relatable picture of relationships, breakups and the constant battle between fear and love. It is a beautiful picture of a woman growing up and trying to balance between social expectations, commitment and freedom.




Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)


Teos, 2019, 240 pp.


English edition

 My Friend Natalia

by Laura Lindstedt

A brave novel about a young woman’s sexuality, therapy, the power of narration and identity. This is a playful, brilliant, feministic and surprisingly funny novel by a Finlandia-award winner!

  • International bestseller! Lindstedt’s books have been translated into 18 languages!
  • Finlandia Prize winning author!

Natalia starts to see a therapist to help solve the problems in her sex life. It is clear from the beginning that she is not going to play by the rules of therapy. The weekly sessions combine art, philosophy, literature, childhood memories and erotic experiences as a method of treatment, and slowly they make Natalia lose all her inhibitions. She starts to enjoy her therapy – maybe too much?

The novel takes a deconstructive approach to the self-help narratives of our time and drives the tools of autofiction into a dead end, asking what is concealed when everything is revealed?


“Badwy and beguiling.” – Kirkus Reviews


US Debut in March 2021


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Teos (orig.)
BELGIUM: De Bezige Bij
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FRANCE: Gallimard
HUNGARY: Scolar Kiado
ITALY: Elliot Edizioni
NORWAY: Oktober
ROMANIA: Humanitas Fiction
SWEDEN: Norstedts
UNITED STATES: W.W. Norton / Liveright


Teos, September 2020, 300 pp.


Full English PDF

The Moonday Letters

by Emmi Itäranta

Dystopian space opera meets sci-fi thriller somewhere between the Earth, Mars and the Moon!

  • Third novel by internationally bestselling author

Lumi is an Earth-born healer whose Mars-born spouse Sol disappears unexpectedly on a work trip. As Lumi begins her quest to find Sol, she delves gradually deeper into Sol’s secrets – and her own.

While recalling her own path to becoming a healer under the guidance of her mysterious teacher Vivian, she discovers an underground environmental group called Stoneturners, which may have something to do with Sol’s disappearance. Lumi’s search takes her from the wealthy colonies of Mars to Earth that has been left a shadow of its former self due to vast environmental destruction. Gradually, she begins to understand that Sol’s fate may have been connected to her own for much longer than she thought.

Part space-age epistolary, part eco-thriller, Moonday Letters is also a love story between two individuals from very different worlds.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Teos (orig.)


Teos, September 2012, 266 pp.


English edition

Memory of Water

by Emmi Itäranta

A story of growing up, of the power of friendship – and, above all, of undying hope in a wrecked world

  • International hit: rights sold to 22 territories
  • Feature film in production, international release in 2021!

The story is set in a drought-ravaged, war-ridden future world where fresh water has become the privilege of a few and tea masters have been keepers of natural springs for centuries, Memory of Water tells the story of seventeen-year-old Noria, set to become the next tea master in her village. When her father dies, she finds herself alone with the dangerous responsibility of guarding a hidden spring that can save lives – or provoke people to kill.

As war spreads into her homeland, Noria’s loyalties are torn between keeping her duty and helping her dearest friend Sanja, whose family can barely survive on their water rations. Together the girls unearth knowledge about the past that has remained buried too long and begin to plan a journey to the Lost Lands, forbidden areas that might hold unexplored water resources.

Yet the web of the military is closing in on Noria’s secret. Sanja disappears mysteriously, and Noria is placed under house arrest. Knowing her own life is in danger, Noria must face a choice in order to secure the hidden information for others.


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Teos (orig.)
ARABIC: Dar Al Muna
BRAZIL: Record
CHINA: Sichuan People’s Publishing House
CZECH REPUBLIC: Albatros Media/Plus
DENMARK: Turbine
ESTONIA: Koolibri
FRANCE: Place des Editeurs
GEORGIA: Palitra L Publishing
GERMANY: DTV/Reihe Hanser
HUNGARY: Metropolis Media
ITALY: Piemme
JAPAN: Nishimura Shoten
KOREA: The Book in My Life
LATVIA: Janis Roze
LITHUANIA: Nieko Rimto
NORWAY: Gresvik Forlag
RUSSIA: Text Publishers
SPAIN: Ediciones B.
SWEDEN: Modernista
TURKEY: Dogan Egmont
WORLD ENGLISH: HarperCollins



Karisto, March 2020, 350 pp.


English sample & synopsis

Strangers Inside

by Johanna Sinisalo

Modern horror story and family drama by a Finlandia-award winner! Based on the latest science with a sci-fi twist!

  • National horror competition winner 2019
  • Finlandia Prize winning author!

Siiri and Essi are shocked to find out that their 6-year-old daughter Sissi has been caught cutting herself with scissors. What could make such a young child do that? As Sissi’s behavior becomes stranger and stranger, the two mothers start to look for an outside force that is trying to hurt the family. But what if the threat is something or someone from the inside the family?

Strangers Inside is a modern horror story, but also a frightening description of twisted family dynamics. The story is delivered by three different narrative voices, all of them having their limited points of view. What if the ultimate enemy, ripping the family slowly apart, is coming from the circle of people closest to you?


“Stylish bodyhorror without any cliches. It is extremely relatable, as we all have bodies after all. This could almost happen to anyone of us. A human body has still some unknown elements – strangers inside. “

Turun Sanomat newspaper, Finland


Rights sold:

FINLAND: Karisto (orig.)


WSOY, April 2020, 248 pp.


English sample & synopsis

The Others of Us

by Mooses Mentula

Do we really make our own choices, or are we just part of someone else’s story?

  • New novel! Meet Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, Edgar Allan Poe and Jane Austen!

To escape the demands and responsibilities, Tino fetches a jar from the closet, digs out a pill, sets it on the back of his tongue, and accelerates the medicine’s journey to his stomach with some coffee.  He sinks into images of lives that are experienced elsewhere, at different times, through the eyes of other people. He suddenly finds himself writing only stories – and not just stories of the world outside, but he is also writing his own life into a story which events he is no longer able to control.

The Others of Us takes the reader to the road with Jack Kerouac, to a bar with Charles Bukowski, and to have discussions with Edgar Allan Poe and Jane Austen. A lot of people have things to say, but who are actually worth listening?


“We are overjoyed to become Mooses Mentula’s publishers again! We heard so much about his new novel that we had to make sure to be able to read it and are looking forward to being the first readers of the German translation. What a privilege! “

–  Publisher Stefan Weidle,  Weidle Verlag, Germany

Rights sold:

GERMANY: Weidle Verlag



Otava, September 2020, 300 pp.

English sample


by Miika Nousiainen

Tragicomic tale of life’s biggest questions and their surprisingly simple answers.

  • Much awaited new novel by master of Finnish comedy and internationally acclaimed author
  • Over 60.000 copies sold in Finland!

Sami has a dream: he desperately wants to be a father. His biological clock has been ticking for the past 15 years so loudly that sometimes it’s hard to hear his own thoughts. But it’s not so easy to become a father, first of all, you need to find a suitable future mother candidate.

But when Sami’s latest future-mother-candidate rides off with a biker guy, he makes a series of bad choices that cause him to anger the local motorcycle gang. How to fix a life where everything seems to go wrong? Sini, a wellbeing blogger with perfectly instagrammable life arrives to offer a solution.


“Reading a novel by Nousiainen is like a scenic ride in a ropeway: a comfortable, entertaining spectacle while looking into deep abysses. I can’t wait to read more, start laughing and at the same time having this awkward and thrilling feeling of facing existential questions.” – Patrick Sielemann, Editor, Kein & Aber, Germany 


No. 6 in Finnish bestseller list



FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat
GERMANY: Kein & Aber
NORWAY: Vigmostad & Bjørke
RUSSIA: Livebook


Otava, August 2020, 287 pp.


English sample & synopsis

The Most Beautiful Word

by Emmi Pesonen

Warm, humorous and beautiful debut novel from the point of view of a stepmother. Patchwork family life, and new beginnings.

  • Debut novel by acclaimed screenwriter and actress
  • Feature film in development by Aurora Studios

Amanda’s life is revolutionized when Onni curves into her life with a yellow minibus, chaos and four children riding along. She has been living an extended youth and cared mainly for her house plants until she met Onni and his kids. Happiness, the laundry pile and the dish mountains grow in their new home. Everything is always lost and the house is permanently messy, but Amanda firmly believes that love conquers all obstacles. But when Onni’s behavior starts to get weirder, she has to decide if love truly fixes everything.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat

FILM & TV RIGHTS: Aurora Studios


#1 Death in Sunset Grove (Orig: Kuolema ehtoolehdossa, Teos 2013, 305 pp.)

#2 Escape from Sunset Grove (Orig: Ehtoolehdon pakolaiset, Teos 2014, 256 pp.)

#3 The End of Sunset Grove (Orig: Ehtoolehdon tuho, Teos 2015, 280 pp.)



English editions of Books 1-3

Sunset Grove Trilogy

by Minna Lindgren

Rip-roaring, hilarious and poignant. For the fans of Alexander McCall Smith and Mma Ramotswe!

  • TV Series in development
  • IInternational hit! Rights sold in 11 territories!

#1 Death in Sunset Grove

Who could imagine that anything illegal – whether it be suspicious deaths, thefts or the covert trading of medications – could happen in Sunset Grove retirement home? Its 90-year-old residents Siiri and Irma certainly can’t.

The lives of Siiri, Irma, and other Sunset Grove inhabitants are filled mostly with empty time punctuated by glasses of red wine, tram rides and funerals. Investigating the sudden strange occurrences at Sunset Grove, however, proves to be a more interesting pastime than playing cards with the ambassador and the woman in the wide-brimmed hat – not to mention the never-ending arts and crafts sessions, gym classes or accordion evenings (which the residents of the house attend mostly out of pity towards the employees).


#2 Escape from Sunset Grove

Sunset Grove retirement home turns into a kind of hell when it is taken over by foreign construction workers cursing fluently in Finnish. The noise is deafening, a hole appears in the wall, things disappear and residents have to use a portable toilet.

Residents Siiri, Irma and Anna-Liisa, all older than 90, decide to move into a shared apartment in the exotic neighbourhood of Hakaniemi. All three have their own habits and quirks, and life together isn’t entirely free of friction. The women also learn about the sad differences in quality with at-home assistance, and are forced to become familiar with terminal care and questions surrounding euthanasia.

Our heroes also can’t help looking into the suspicious plumbing project at Sunset Grove. As the mystery unfolds, they begin to find out that few people in this world have a fully clean record.


#3 The End of Sunset Grove

The final part of the trilogy marks a return to the retirement community. But the place no longer feels like home, and has turned into a state-funded, technology-driven pilot project in elderly care. The conclusion brings together characters lost along the way, and murky details are brought to light. Legal justice is also served – in unexpected ways. A natural, long-awaited death finally collects some, but still not all, of our main characters.


FINLAND: Teos (orig.)
CZECH REPUBLIC: Albatros Media
DENMARK: Jensen & Dalgaard
GERMANY: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
FRANCE: Calmann-Lévy
ITALY: Marsilio
SLOVAKIA: Albatros Media
SPAIN: Penguin Random House
SWEDEN: Norstedts
WORLD ENGLISH: Pan Macmillan



Teos 2018, 247 pp.


English sample & synopsis,

German and Spanish editions

Angry Widow

by Minna Lindgren

A Man Called Ove meets Sex and the City

For the past 12 years, 74-year-old Ulla has cared for her paralyzed husband, a mean and slightly alcoholic man. At his funeral, all she can think is: finally! She reconnects with old friends and starts living every day as if it were her last. Her adult children try to stop her newfound debauchery in many ways – but the biggest change comes along in the guise of an older gentleman.

The Angry Widow is an amusing and entertaining story about how friendships and love affairs change when you grow old. With warmth and sarcasm Lindgren examines the questions of what it means to be seventy in a world where everyone over 65 ticks the same age box in a survey.


ESTONIA: Pegasus
GERMANY: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ITALY: Marsilio
SPAIN: Suma / Penguin Random House


Teos 2019, 240 pp.


English sample & synopsis,


A Far, Far Love

by Minna Lindgren

A story of longing, love, and loss. For the fans of The Red Address Book – with a humoristic twist.

Kauko Koskinen is a man of order: receipts are organized, 60 years of calendars are safely stored, and every day has certain rhythms and routines. But when he gets banned from the dementia care home where his wife resides, his life turns upside down. Memories of his youth bring a person from the past back to his mind: where is his first love now? Kauko starts to track down a woman he knew sixty years ago, but is he chasing only a memory or a dream?

From internationally bestselling author of the Sunset Grove trilogy and The Angry Widow.



FINLAND: Teos (orig.)


Teos 2020, 250 pp.


English sample & synopsis,

Hope Never Dies

by Minna Lindgren

A hilariously horrible story straight out of the school world. Finland has the best schools in the world – or does it?


Marja Vehmarvarsi is a 62-year-old teacher, on the verge of retirement. The schools in Finland have been privatized at a brisk pace, and in order to get any work hours Marja has to come up with new learning games for phenomenon-based learning curriculum, and organize weekly meetings for cross-subject synergies.

Marja’s parents Aina and Toivo are almost 100 years old, but nevertheless passionate YouTubers, whose goal is to save the Finnish school system – whatever it takes. Marja’s popularity among the students grows as her parents’ radical plans spread over the internet.


FINLAND: Teos (orig.)


Otava, March 2021, 300 pp.


English sample & synopsis

Charming Duke

by Sara Medberg

Bridgerton meets Jane Austen in 19th century Sweden

The lady of Blackthorn Castle, beautiful Arabella, has been widowed and fallen into poverty. In the midst of all adversity, she is encouraged by Jane Austen’s literary heroines. However, the shadows of the past won’t leave Arabella alone: she encounters a dazzling English duke who claims to know a fatal secret about Arabella’s late spouse.

This enchanting novel takes place in the social circles of Helsinki and in the court of Stockholm in 1816.


FINLAND: Otava (orig.)


Otava, April 2020, 300 pp.


English sample & synopsis

Charlotta – A Lady’s Maid

by Sara Medberg

Beginning of a new series about the Grand Duchy of Finland in the spirit of Jane Austen.

Strict class hierarchy and fabulous silk ruffles rule in 19th-century Turku, where seamstress Charlotta is looking for her own Mr.Darcy.

When baron Ridderlöw of Starfire Manor hires seamstress Charlotta Silke as a lady’s maid for her sister, their lives change for good.  Charlotta gets her hands on Jane Austen’s newly published Pride and Prejudice and it alters the way she sees her role as a woman. But the book’s ideas of modern love, marriage and early feminism are put to the test as the bitter war-torn baron Ridderlöw becomes romantically interested in Charlotta. Can an ordinary lady’s maid have it all: a meaningful life and the man of her dreams?


FINLAND: Otava (orig.)